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Understanding Partitioning in Spark

In this tutorial, we will discuss partitioning in Spark. Partitioning is nothing but dividing it into parts. If you talk about partitioning in distributed system, we can define it as the division of the large dataset and store them as multiple parts...

18th Aug 2017


Windowing Functions In Hive

Windowing allows you to create a window on a set of data further allowing aggregation surrounding that data. Windowing in Hive is introduced from Hive 0.11. In this blog, we will be giving a demo on the windowing functions available in Hive.

14th Dec 2017


Hadoop Use Case – IBM Data Analysis Using Hive

Here is an Hadoop use case in which, we will perform IBM data analysis which is publicly available. Though the dataset consists of dummy values, fields are good enough to apply to the business logic and perform analysis accordingly.

14th Dec 2017

  • Google 250+ REVIEWS
  • Quora 200+ REVIEWS
  • Course Report 150+ REVIEWS
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