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Graphic Design is one of the important aspects of communication design and its main objective is to create a communication goal through images and words. AcadGild's Graphic Design Courses offer sound conceptual and practical understanding of the essentials of various graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign while working on the real-time projects. Our Graphic Design training equips learners to implement industry-leading designing tools to develop creative design projects. There is a huge demand for Certified Graphic Designers who have in-demand thinking and communicating capacity by visualizing the compelling ideas.

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Design Maestro

240 Hours, Work on real projects

Projected as one of the most in-demand careers in 2017, the Design Maestro certification can help you build, user experience and graphic design skills, along with hands-on experience. Create captivating experiences, websites, applications applying UX tools and methodologies.

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Course Features

Experienced Industry Mentor

Learn industry-grade programming from our community of mentors working with top IT companies for over 5 years whose daily job involves using these technologies expertly.


2–5 Real Time Projects and 3–5 Case Studies

We strongly believe in learning by practice. We encourage you to implement the core concepts learned through the course in an integrated environment and add impressive projects to your portfolio.

Lifetime Access to our eLearning Dashboard

This grants you a lifetime of learning. You can always check in to learn the latest in technology at any time.

Internationally Recognized Certification

All major companies recognize our certifications. Add credibility to your coding skills by earning our top certificates.

Free Job Assistance Program

Our industry experts work to improve your professional profile and coach you for tech interviews at big firms. We also work with a large network of local employers who constantly send us notices of employment opportunities.

24 x 7 Coding Support

Our support team is always up and working to help you wriggle out of any coding roadblocks faced. We make sure there is no delay in your learning and that you always remain motivated.

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