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Become a Java Developer

 July 20  | 0 Comments
The average pay for a Java developer is 3-4 lakhs per annum.
More than 16,000 Java positions are open on any given day – Dice President
Java turned 20 in 2015 and is still trendy in the job market –

Course Overview
Introduction to Java basics and environment set up
Get introduced to JDK, JVM & JRE along with the setting for the Eclipse IDE. Familiarize with strings, arrays, basic data types, decision making statements and loop control
Java Oops feature’s, method handling & Constructors
Understand the how and whys of OOPs and objects with its features like inheritance, abstraction, interface, and polymorphism, and usage of constructors. Learn about packages, access specifiers and get started with the first level programming.
Java threads, Multithreading & String types
Gain understanding of running two object instances in parallel with concept of threads and multithreads. Know about the string builder, string buffer and more
Exception, Files in Java & Java Collections
Catch the errors in programming with exception handling. Learn file handling with Java, input/outputs, naming of Java objects, Java annotations and more. Get introduced to collections in Java, its features, generics and their usage with objects