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The full-stack developer will have an important role in the web development
Interest in full-stack developers is soaring across the board.

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Course Overview
Learn Basics of Ruby
Get introduced to the basics of Ruby, Object Oriented Programming, data types, classes, operators. Learn the interaction with different databases like MongoDB and SQLite
Learn about Core Concepts of Rails Framework
Gain understanding of active record, action view, scaffolding, Action mailer and other key Rails concepts.
Build an Application
Develop amazing application using Ruby. Start building your own blogging platform.
Debug, Test & Deploy
Understand various debugging techniques for ROR. Build your final project and host your site on Amazon AWS.
Highly Experienced
Develop 2 Real Time Project using Ruby
Lifetime Access to Dashboard
Free Job Preparation Week
Course Syllabus
  • Introduction to Ruby on Rails
  • Why ruby?
  • Ruby trivia
  • Rails trivia
  • Ruby philosophy
  • Rails philosophy
  • Web application
  • Web application framework
  • Ruby on rails installation
  • MVC architecture
  • MVC detailed architecture
  • Interactive ruby(irb)
  • irb output
  • OOPs concepts
  • Creating and running ruby scripts
  • Ruby operators
  • Ruby data types
  • Ruby objects & class
  • Class hierarchy
  • Ruby variables
  • Define a method
  • Class and instance methods
  • Taking inputs
  • Printing outputs
  • Type casting
  • String
  • String - interpolation
  • Numeric
  • Number - integer
  • Numbers
  • Array
  • Mixins
  • Range
  • Closures
  • Blocks
  • Proc
  • Lamda
  • Conditional statement
  • Case statement
  • Unless statement
  • Loops
  • Iterators
  • Regular expression
  • Exception handling
  • Files
  • YAML
  • Web application
  • Web application framework
  • Rails versions
  • MVC
  • Rails MVC
  • Rails components
  • Rest
  • Creating rails application
  • Directory layout
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Creating MVC files
  • Scaffolding
  • Scaffold workflow
  • ORM - object relational mapping
  • Database
  • DBMS
  • Data types
  • Usage SQLite3
  • SQLite browser
  • Default db in rails
  • SQL commands
  • Database operations
  • More SQL commands
  • Active record
  • Active record - conventions
  • Active record migrations
  • More migration methods
  • Migrating changes
  • Active record validations
  • Validation helper methods
  • More helpers
  • Associations
  • One to one association
  • One to many association
  • Many to many association
  • Callbacks
  • Callback methods
  • Callback example
  • Active record query interface
  • Query interface methods
  • Controllers
  • Controller workflow
  • Application controller
  • Generating a controller
  • Controller with actions
  • Page rendering/Redirection
  • Page rendering
  • Rendering types
  • Parameters
  • Routing
  • Routing resource
  • Routing urls
  • Path helper
  • Session
  • Cookies
  • Filters
  • Layout
  • application.HTML.erb
  • Layout helpers
  • Layout name
  • Understanding the layouts
  • Integrating templates
  • Partial views
  • Form helpers
  • Url helpers
  • Action mailer
  • GMail configuration
  • Mail with attachment
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Ruby gems
  • Ruby gems - will_paginate
  • Debugging rails application
  • Version control
  • Git & GitHub
  • Git DVCS
  • Git- workflow
  • Git Bash - command line
  • Git Bash- push to github
  • Heroku - cloud application platform
Projects Which Students Will Develop
Ruby on Rails Application
This project aims at writing a simple Ruby on Rails application to store User details, edit and later delete the user details if required.
Ruby on Rails Application
Rental Website
This project aims at creating a Rental website where the user can rent anything online in a simple manner.
Rental Website
Tracker Application
This project aims at creating a tracker application to track the amount of time spent by each employee on a particular project.
Tracker Application
Quora Clone
This project aims at creating a Quora Clone.
Quora Clone
News Broadcasting Application
This project aims at creating a News broadcasting application which gets updated with new news feed from time to time.
News Broadcasting Application
This project aims at creating a Periscope application that let you broadcast live videos to the world in a simple, easy and effective manner.
Job Preparation Week
After you complete your course, our unique job preperation solution makes sure you can check out all the essentials of your job preperation checklist, right from your resume to your interview skills.
In-depth Mock Interviews
With 2 In depth mock interviews, you are at complete edge over the others.
Resume Building And Interview Questions
Resume builds the first impression and we help you build a resume that stands out.
Online Reputation Building
Helps build a strong online presence in LinkedIn, Git, Stack Overflow and many more.
Resume Sharing With Top Employers
Your resume is shared with top employers, so that you find your dream job.
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This course will help you in building any application which has these components – Database Management, User Interface, Service Layer and Configuration. The candidates will learn to build web applications using the powerful Rails framework along with the highly dynamic and object-oriented Ruby language.
The candidates will be first introduced to Ruby and then understand it in depth.
Anyone who wants to learn Ruby programming or wants to enhance their skill set can enroll for this course.
Basic programming knowledge and knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript will be helpful. In case you want to brush up or learn the same, we can provide you with a complimentary Front End Web Development course.
You will use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails
The classes are held on weekends as well as on weekdays. You can enroll for a batch that is convenient to suit your personal schedule.
All you need is a Mac or Windows machine and an Internet connection of minimum speed of 500Kbps.
Besides the classes, spending around 3 hours each day will be enough.
The mentors are experienced professionals with at least 5+ years of experience.
  • If you decide to leave within first week of class starts, we refund fully.
  • If you decide to leave before the class starts, 50% of the total paid fee would be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded to the user.
  • The refund policy would be applied if the total amount paid is more than 50% of the course fees.
  • If a user is opting for a complementary course, then the refund policy would be applied only on the 1st course.

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