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42% of IT decision makers increased their spending on Cloud Computing in 2015.
IDC predicts that by 2016, there will be 11% shift of IT budget

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Course Overview
Introduction to Cloud Computing, AWS and its Architecture
Get introduced to Cloud Computing, its importance, market trends, NIST attributes of cloud, cloud delivery and various deployment models. Understand the benefits and risks of cloud computing. Get an overview of AWS console, AWS products offering, Analytics and app Services.
Amazon Compute Services, Amazon Storage Services, Database and Security:
Understand the AWS compute services and storage components like- Amazon EC2, EBS, Auto Scaling and Load Balancing, S3, Glacier, CloudFront. Gain expertise in Database Services with RDS, DynamoDB . Understand the security and identity services like Amazon KMS and IAM.
Networking Services and Management Tools:
Get a thorough understanding of the networking inside AWS with Amazon VPC and Route 53. Master the AWS Management Tools- Cloud Watch and CloudFormation.
Deployment of Web Application, Data Security, Troubleshooting and Real time Projects:
Deploy a web app using Elastic Beanstalk by making use of SNS and DynamoDB. Get introduced to the Data Security with Shared security responsibility model, Compliance, DDos mitigation, encryption solutions, troubleshooting. Develop real time projects using Cloud Computing technologies.
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Course Syllabus
  • What is cloud computing?
  • Importance and market trends
  • NIST attributes of cloud
  • Cloud delivery and deployment models
  • Benefits and risks of cloud computing
  • What is AWS?
  • Why Amazon?
  • AWS terms and definitions
  • Getting started with AWS console
  • Quick overview of AWS products offering
  • Database
  • Analytics and app Services
  • Overview of product offering
  • What is EC2?
  • Amazon EC2 essentials – AMIs
  • Instance types and market place
  • Security group – configuration
  • EC2 Instances and its types
  • Elastic load balancer
  • EC2 classic
  • EBS volumes and snapshots
  • Elastic compute cloud (EC2) and EC2 monitoring
  • CloudWatch
  • Monitoring EC2 with CloudWatch
  • EC2 placement groups
  • S3 concepts – RRS
  • Reliability and availability
  • Bucket and bucket restrictions
  • S3 pricing and use cases
  • Multi part upload
  • Architecting applications with S3
  • Access control
  • S3 events and notifications
  • Versioning and lifecycle policies in S3
  • S3 security
  • Cross region replication
  • Amazon glacier and its pricing
  • Data retrieval policies
  • What is IAM?
  • IAM essentials – Users
  • Groups and policies
  • IAM best practices for new accounts
  • Sample policy
  • What is RDS?
  • Instances
  • Automatic failover
  • RDS backups
  • Read replicas
  • RDS CloudWatch notifications
  • What is VPC?
  • Benefits of VPC
  • Understanding the default VPC
  • VPC peering and limitations
  • VPC architecture & networking
  • Security groups
  • Network ACL
  • Sample ACL
  • VPN/VPG on VPC
  • OpenVPN instance
  • High availability with OpenVPN
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Elastic beanstalk
  • EB object model
  • Environment
  • Web server environment
  • Worker instance environment
  • NoSQL
  • DynamoDB and its architecture
  • Cloud formation
  • Simple notification service
  • Deploy a web app using elastic beanstalk by making use of SNS and Dynamo DB
  • What is RedShift?
  • Why RedShift? Why is it popular?
  • RedShift architecture & benefits
  • Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)
  • EC2 Instances in EMR
  • The EMR AMI
  • EMR cluster architecture
  • What is CloudFront and how it works?
  • Performance considerations
  • Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • SQS Polling
  • Decoupled system architecture
  • What is CloudFormation?
  • Application – infrastructure management
  • Application – infrastructure replication
  • Application – control and track changes
  • Concepts – template
  • Sample template
  • How does CloudFormation work?
  • Workflow
  • Shared security responsibility model
  • Compliance
  • DDos mitigation and encryption solutions
  • EC2 troubleshooting scenarios
  • ELB troubleshooting scenarios
  • Auto-scaling troubleshooting scenarios
  • VPC troubleshooting scenarios
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
Projects Which Students Will Develop
Web Application Using Elastic Beanstalk & Dynamic DB
This project aims at creating a simple web application using Elastic Beanstalk and Dynamo DB.
Web Application Using Elastic Beanstalk & Dynamic DB
Application Environment
This project aims at creating a highly available, fault tolerant application environment with specific points.
Application Environment
CloudFront CDN Distribution
This project aims at creating a CloudFront CDN Distribution to distribute a set of image files.
CloudFront CDN Distribution
3-Tier Real World Application On The Cloud
The project aims to build a 3-tier Real World application on the Cloud. The participants are given understanding about the tools required to be installed.
3-Tier Real World Application On The Cloud
CloudWatch Alarm
This project aims at creating a CloudWatch Alarm to monitor the distribution.
CloudWatch Alarm
Cost Effective Web Applications Using Features Of Amazon
In this project, use the Auto Scaling and Load Balancing features of Amazon to provide cost effective web applications.
Cost Effective Web Applications Using Features Of Amazon
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This course allows you to improve your skills to handle cloud applications and services. It is designed to help students and professionals become cloud enabled and embark on an exciting career in Cloud Computing.
The Course is designed for students and professionals who want to pursue a career in Cloud Computing technologies
Anyone with a good understanding of any of the high-level programming language can join for this Course.
The classes are held on weekends as well as on weekdays. You can enroll for a batch that is convenient to suit your personal schedule.
All you need is a Mac or Windows machine and an Internet connection of minimum speed of 500Kbps.
Besides the classes, spending around 3 hours each day will be enough.
The mentors are experienced professionals with at least 5+ years of experience.
If you decide to leave within first week of class starts , we refund fully. If you decide to leave before the class starts, 50% of the total paid fee would be deducted and the remaining amount will be refunded to the user. The refund policy would be applied if the total amount paid is more than 50% of the course fees. If a user is opting for a complementary course, then the refund policy would be applied only on the 1st course.

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