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According to Glassdoor, starting salaries for graduate-level software testing positions range from INR 4,50,000 to 10,00,000 or USD 65,000 to 95,000.
Currently, there are more than 30,000 software testing job positions on
Selenium IDE is the most popular automation testing tool available in the market today.
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Course Overview
Introduction to Manual Testing
  • Software development life cycle (sdlc) and models in software development life cycle
  • White box testing and black box testing
  • Test case design techniques, writing test cases, software test life cycles (stlc), test plans, defect tracking tool, A-Prompt accessibility testing tool
  • Xenu’s Link Sleuth testing tool, the Agile methodology, software architecture, bug tracking tool
Core Java
  • JDK installation
  • Variables & Operators, Class & Objects
  • Static & Non-Static Members
  • Constructors & Constructors Overloading
  • Inheritance & Multi-Level Inheritance
  • Package & Access Levels
  • Abstract Classes & Concrete Classes
  • Method Overloading & Overriding
  • Type Casting & Types
  • Polymorphism in Java
  • Use of final keyword, wrapper classes, exception handling
  • Object class, string class
  • Array Class
  • Collection Framework API & Generics
  • Threads in Java, Inner Classes
  • File Handling in Java
  • Basics Selenium IDE
  • Basics Selenium RC
  • Object Identification (firebug & fire path tools)
  • Selenium-2 (WebDriver)
  • Basics API of WebDriver
  • Working Select class
  • Working with Keyboard & Mouseover Operation
  • Window Handling
  • Alert Handling
Test NG (Unit Testing Framework Tools)
  • Annotation
  • Batch Execution
  • Parallel Execution
  • Group Execution
  • Dependent Method Execution
  • Assertions
  • Data Driver Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Modular Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Driven framework
  • Introduction to RDBMS concepts
  • Writing Basic SQL Select Statements
  • Single-Row Functions
  • Displaying Data from Multiple Tables – JOINS
  • Sub-Queries, Aggregating Data using Group Functions
  • Correlated Sub-Queries, DDL, DML, & TCL
  • Scripting & Spooling, Introduction to PL/SQL
Quality Centre
  • Introduction
  • Requirement
  • Test Lab
  • Test Plan
  • Defect Tracking Tool
Highly Experienced
Real-World Software Testing Problems
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A tester performs tests for performance, scalability, stress, and functionality on software programs and applications before they are finally deployed. Writing and executing test scripts help ensure quality, design integrity, and proper functionality. Testers also apply rigorous testing methods (manual and automated) including extensive end-user simulations to uncover program “bugs” that are then relayed over to the developers for fixing. Testers are also required to prepare bug reports.
Yes, core Java fundamentals would be required for learning Selenium. Knowledge of core Java is sufficient in order to write simple automation scripts. Object-oriented programming skills are important if you want to make your scripts re-usable.
We provide with you an in-depth live training on core Java skills, knowledge of which will be sufficient when working with the Selenium tool.
Professionals from any domain can sign up for this program, as it does not require hard core programming knowledge, though, basic knowledge in programming skills will always be a bonus. Selenium is an upcoming technology in the software industry and is being widely accepted across industries.
The Selenium IDE, an open source tool, is essentially required for bug reproduction scripts and exploratory testing scripts. It’s simple to learn and anybody with a preliminary web application testing experience can benefit immensely from it.

It covers all scenarios and does what licensed tools like QTP, IBM RFT, or others available in the market can do. Performance, execution speed, and browser interaction of Selenium are faster than any other automation tool.
The prerequisite for this course is basic knowledge of core Java and Manual Testing. We provide detailed training for, both Java Essentials for Testing with Selenium WebDriver and Manual Testing, to all the participants who enrol for the Selenium course module.

This course will help you brush up your Java skills needed to work on Selenium. In case you come across any doubt, our 24*7 coding support team will promptly assist you.
You will receive either classroom training or live mentor driven online training based on what you have opted for. In both cases you will be exposed to case studies.
This course will include extensive training on technologies like SQL, Manual Testing, Core Java, and Selenium.
Ideally, the system should have a configuration of minimum of 2GB RAM and a hard disk space of 50 GB. Both, Windows and Linux, will be supported for this program.