The great myth of our times is that technology is communication.

-Libby Larsen

Communication has changed drastically and Social Media has an important role to play in this change. From simple Smileys we have shifted to crazy emoji and memes. The most recent one to take the internet by storm is the purple coloured dove insanely banging its head. Read more about this Trash Dove here:

Mark Zuckerberg had one bad date in college and Facebook was born. We have one bad date and Arjit Singh is on till the next one comes around. Anyways,Facebook has a proven track record of making the weirdest of all things famous.A few weeks ago it was the dude who was sprinkling salt all over the Internet (Saltbae). The last two days gave us Trash Doves.

If you haven’t noticed a purple bird GIF appearing in Facebook comment threads, don’t worry, you soon will. The bird, throwing its head up and down, has been appearing on media outlets’ Facebook pages, irrelevant to the rest of the comments.

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15 CSS Puns That Will Make ROFL Even if You Are Not a Techie

It is always good to have fun at the workplace in between the busy schedule to refresh ourselves of any profession. But what if, our job itself is off fun? Yes, here is a programming language itself is fun to code, which is nothing but CSS language. With great codes, come great jokes. Check out the 15 CSS Puns. Read More >>

Amazon Echo: Your New Personal AI-Powered Butler

Last year, Internet of Things was all the rage. Great. But can I not use my smartphone to communicate with my devices? Now, this might sound a little crazy, but will I be able to speak to my house at some point in the future? How cool would it be to ask your AI-enabled house to read your e-mails the moment you get back from work, just like how the intelligent computing system, “Samantha,” does it for Joaquin Phoenix in the 2013 sci-fiction movie “Her!” Read More >>

How to Increase Memory on VMWare Virtual Machine

We all get out of memory after using the VM for some time. If it is true, you are at right place. VM is short form of Virtual Machine in which is a software build to run multiple Operating systems inside existing operating system. It shares the same physical hardware of primary OS and gives the user to experience the multiple platforms in a single shot. In this blog, we will show you, how to increase primary memory in centOS running inside VMware Virtual Machine. Read More >>

Hacktivism- The act of hacking a website or computer network in an effort to convey a social or political message. The person who carries out the act of hacktivism is known as a hacktivist.

Sigma-fied Yet?!

We are excited to tell you dear readers that we have started a new course. Six Sigma! A Six Sigma Green Belt employee spends a portion of their time on process improvement teams. They analyse and solve quality problems, and are involved with Six Sigma, lean or other quality improvement projects. The takeaway? A Six Sigma certificate can land you with flourishing job profiles and an opportunity to work alongside the senior leadership team! So what are you waiting for? Enroll now to get Certified in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and become a Process Excellence Expert!

Plotting a successful career graph is not easy. It takes perseverance, determination and hard work. Here is Prushni Jani on her journey from an Android developer to an Android Entrepreneur.

Prushni Jani’s page reads, “I am an Android Developer and am actively involved in Social Activities. My interests range from travelling to reading. I am also interested in programming and technology.” This Ahmedabad-based developer started out as a Junior Android Developer with Gusani Infotech after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2013, and believe me when I say this, Prushni has come a long way since then.


This Women’s Day, we at AcadGild are celebrating those women who have helped AcadGild be what it is now. We are happy that AcadGild has churned out more than 800 women coders! It really is heartening to see women coming forward to seize the moment and realize their dreams. Don’t think Women’s Day is restricted to March 8th. Every day is your day; believe in yourself and go Conquer the World!!!

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