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Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday

-Steve Jobs

The 45th presidential election came to a dramatic end and Donald J Trump has now officially become the 45th POTUS. The world hopes that he will give us some spectacular moments like how the 44th POTUS gave us. For instance, Barack Obama’s farewell speech gave some serious communication goals. The below blog will give a hint on how great an orator the first black president of the United States was.

Words have the power to move us. They have the power to inspire us. Words unite and divide. And if not used wisely, words can bring chaos. Barack Obama however, chose to unite us with words. He was a great president, a good leader, a charming man, and an amazing husband and father. Half of his success can be attributed to his wonderful choice of words. To communicate and get the message across is not an easy task.  Certificates can prove that you are competent in a subject. You will land yourself a great job too. But without effective communication skills, you will stumble. Communication becomes crucial if you hold a managerial position.

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A Quick Guide to Advanced Apache Sqoop Operations

Apache Sqoop(TM) is a tool designed for efficiently transferring bulk data from Hadoop into structured data stores such as relational databases. Apache Sqoop can efficiently import and export data from structured data sources like MySQL and put them in Hadoop data stores like HDFS and vice versa.Read More >>

7 Digital Marketing Trends That Defines 2017

Ten years back from now, marketing for brands meant television ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, and press campaigns. With the gradual evolution of the Internet, the marketing landscape has changed drastically and now it looks way too complicated than what it used to be before. In the current scenario, marketing seems impossible without social media, videos, emails, SMSs, analytics, and the digital marketing tools. There are, however, more channels through which marketing is expected to change immensely. Here are 7 Digital Marketing trends, on which marketers are expected to indulge in 2017 and beyond. Read More >>

VST Audio Plugins: Create Music Without Instruments!

Let’s admit it, as kids, it was exhilarating to playing around with a myriad of presets and instrument voices on our so-called “CASIOS.” Today, VST Audio Plugins have opened the door to a much wider range of possibilities in terms of what one can do with instruments to improve the musicality of a musical composition.

Imagine not having to invest in instruments to create tracks! Gone are the days when you’d spend weeks contemplating over which guitar effects pedal to buy. Today you can have overdrive, distortion, and fuzz crunch, all in one little VST effects plugin! Read More >>

Party!!! This 5 letter word is an emotion. An emotion that has been evolving for the past few years thanks to technology. And IBM’s Watson is the newest buzzword when it comes to partying. Because who said machines can’t get spunky?! Read on to find out more Here Read More >>

ALICE- Short for Artificial Linguistic Computer Entity, an open source, natural language chatbot that relies on artificial intelligence for human interaction.

We are excited to tell you dear readers that we have started a new course.Six Sigma!
A Six Sigma Green Belt employee spends a portion of their time on process improvement teams. They analyse and solve quality problems, and are involved with Six Sigma, lean or other quality improvement projects. The takeaway? A Six Sigma certificate can land you with flourishing job profiles and an opportunity to work alongside the senior leadership team! So what are you waiting for? Enroll now to get Certified in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and become a Process Excellence Expert!

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