iOS Developer Training Certification

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App industry is expected to become twice as big by 2020 and 1 Billion people are using iOS worldwide. This explains why there is no better time to learn iOS development. Build your own iOS app, starting with AcadGild's iOS development course. Learn Material design, Mapkit framework and much more.

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Course Overview
Swift Programing Language, xCode, iOS Introduction
Get started with Swift Environment, and the basics. Learn about XCode, iOS Application Lifecycle, Apple Human Interface Design Guidelines.
Material Design, Views & iOS Simulation
Get introduced to iOS Simulator features. Learn to develop your own fascinating applications and debug it. Work with iOS Storyboard, Segues and transition types, customizing the views, layouts & iOS core animation & MapKit framework.
Storing Persistent Data in iOS, Consuming Web Services
Gain in-depth knowledge of database and data persistence (Core Data, SqLite3). Learn how to consume Rest Webservice & implement image loading & caching.
Third party libraries integration & Push Notifications
Learn how to integrate your app with Facebook & Google. Get introduced to Address Book API and push notifications.
Testing, Deployment to App
Test and deploy your own exciting app in the app store. Understand the basics of Apple developer account, multilingual app support, Multithreading and Concurrency.
Highly Experienced
Develop 2 real time projects in iOS
Lifetime access to Dashboard
Coding Support
Internationally Recognized Certification
Course Syllabus
  • Introduction of Mac OS(Spotlight
  • System Prefrences
  • Keychain Access etc) and iOS
  • Installing Xcode and Setting up Dev Environment
  • Xcode Menu
  • Basic Components
  • Navigations etc
  • Minimum SDK version
  • Build Settings
  • Certificates etc
  • Basics of Programming
  • OOPS
  • Frameworks
  • Interface Builder
  • Getting Started with Swift Environment (Variable and Constants
  • Operators
  • Collections
  • Control Flow etc)
  • Xcode 7 Introduction
  • Writing First Application in Swift 2.0
  • Working with Swift Playground
  • Structs and Classes
  • Functions
  • Closures
  • Enumerations
  • Properties
  • Subscripts
  • Initialization
  • Deinitialization
  • ARC
  • Initialization
  • Deinitialization
  • Automatic Referencing Count(ARC)
  • Optional Chaining
  • Error Handling
  • Type Casting
  • Extensions
  • Protocols
  • Generics
  • Getting into Depth of Xcode
  • iOS Application Lifecycle
  • Apple Human Interface Design Guidelines
  • Getting acquainted with iOS Simulator Features
  • Creating Calculator Application
  • Debugging Calculator Application
  • Introduction to iOS Storyboard
  • Exploring Segues and Transition types
  • Creating Multi View Controller Application
  • Passing Data Between View Controllers
  • Introduction to UINavigationController
  • Introduction to Autolayout
  • SizeClasses
  • Working with iOS UITableView & UITableViewController
  • Exploring UITableView Customization
  • Working with iOS UICollectionView
  • Introduction & Implementation to Data Storage
  • Exploring Different frameworks for Data Persistence
  • Working with Core Data and Sqlite3
  • Adding Pull to Refresh Functionality to UITableView
  • Introduction to iOS 9 UIStackView
  • Screen Orientation
  • Using iOS Core Animation
  • Working with UIKit Dynamics
  • Getting Started with iOS MapKit Framework
  • Adding Markers/Custom Markers on MapView
  • Introduction to Network Operations and Web Services
  • Consuming Rest Endpoints
  • Introduction to JSON & Parsing JSON Data
  • Implementing Image Loading & Caching
  • Adding Multi-Language Support
  • Apple Developer Program
  • Provisioning Profile
  • Certificates & Registering Devices.
  • Thread
  • Multithreading and Concurrency
  • Improve Application Performance by Performing Work Concurrently with NSOperationQueue and Grand Central Dispatch
  • Process Multiple Requests at a Time.
  • Address Book API
  • Brief on Push Notifications
  • Introduction to Apple Watch
  • Setting up Coding Environment and Watch Simulator
  • Building Calculator App
  • Running Application on Apple Watch/Simulator
  • Introduction to In App Purchase
  • Product Types
  • Understanding How to Implement the Best Suited Type of In App Purchase
  • Facebook & Google + Integration
  • Admob & Analytics
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
  • Mentee can select project from predefined set of AcadGild projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects
Customers Feedback
This course will help you make a career in app development. Having developed least 2 real-time projects, you will be confident and possess a strong portfolio to present your recruiters.
There is no defined pre-requisite for this course. However, any exposure to programming will help.
It’s a course suited for anyone interested in learning iOS development. Technical as well as non-technical people can benefit from our course. This course can prove to be very fruitful for the following:
  • Designers
  • Product managers
  • Aspiring Developers
  • Startup Founders
Sure you can! In fact, we encourage all our students to come up with their own ideas for their final projects. Our mentors will brainstorm with you and help you turn your idea into reality.
Mentors are qualified developers in the field with a minimum of 5+ years of experience. A love for coding and a passion for teaching are essential prerequisites in all our mentors.
All you need is a Mac machine and an Internet connection of minimum speed of 500Kbps.
Besides the classes, spending around 3 hours each day will be enough.