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AcadGild brings its coding classes to the US

AcadGild, which is launching in the U.S, takes a somewhat different approach from some of its competitors. Its programs combine small classes (with no more than 10 students) and a focus on mentorship from experienced teachers and 24/7 support with a project-based approach. All of this happens online, but classes still (virtually) meet on set days and times to go over the material.

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The Summer Kidpreneurs: B'luru Kids Develop Social App- vPledge

Two Bangalore-based school students have used their summer holidays to not only learn the nuances of building apps, but even created one that helps users make pledges around social causes.

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Bengaluru Teenagers Develop vPledge App for Social Causes

Technology education startup AcadGild on Saturday launched social app vPledge developed by its teenage students, 12-year- old Prateek Mahesh and 13-year- old Priyal Jain. vPledge stimulates the general public to pick up and fulfil social causes like plant 10 trees, donate food to 10 people, using public transport only and others.

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Acadgild gets ranked as one of the Top 10 Worldwide Technology Boot Camps

AcadGild, which only offers online courses, was founded by a group of IT professionals based out of India and California. One of the unique aspects of AcadGild is that the classes are small, with only 3 to 5 students per course. Courses last 12 weeks and, according to Course Report, are more affordable than other comparable options.

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Business today

“Last Innings of my life”, says Vinod Dham

After starting a series of new ventures, he is now making a comeback to entrepreneurship and this time, into education. Early this year, Dham started up online education venture Acadgild along with entrepreneur duo Krishnan Ganesh and Meena Ganesh.

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Vinod Dham makes a comeback, to start an online technology education startup Acadgild

Vinod Dham, called Father of the Pentium chip, is returning as an entrepreneur after 15 years. The inventor and venture capitalist will be the chief executive of online technology education startup Acadgild, Acadgild's internet-based platform aims to teach just about anybody, including a class 10 student, software programming that is relevant to today's rapidly evolving digital world.

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The Hindu

AcadGild set to announce first round of external funding, to expand

With this, the venture, which offers software programming courses through personalized mentoring to students in India and the US, will be able to expand in the US. The video courses are conducted out of India with experts in the field.

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Times Of India

Digital marketing certifications go hot

Online training platform AcadGild says its four-month-old digital marketing course has received over 300 enrollments. “We have seen two kinds of people taking the course - either young graduates looking to start their career or people who are trying to switch their careers,” says Vikalp Jain, co-founder of AcadGild.

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