The Acadgild Advantage

Tracking and Reporting
The dashboard lets you monitor your employees’ progress and helps your team assess their knowledge as they go.
Learn via Doing
Do an actual project, with the guidance from expert mentors.
Cutting Edge Technology
With advanced tools, providing essential building blocks to collaborate, maximizing resources becomes easy.

Technology Tracks

Frontend Web Development
14343 Learners
Train your employees to fascinating web development skills. Our Frontend development course includes JavaScript, Advanced JavaScript, Bootstrap, AngularJS as well as HTML5 and CSS3.
Node JS
3490 Learners
Let your employees come up with captivating applications with our NodeJS course. The courses introduce to JavaScript, Inner Functions, Closure, HTTP server, MongoDB and much more.
Full Stack Development
8989 Learners
Your employee will be a master of Ruby with our Full Stack development course. The course exposes the learners to Ruby objects, classes, methods, type casting, Scaffolding and much more.
React JS
50 Learners
Equip your employees to Webpack, Babel, HMR, ES6, Relay, Flux and much more with our ReactJS course.
Android Development
12450 Learners
Our Android development course will let your employees uncover real time app development using Android features and components. The course includes concepts like Services, Web Services, Google Maps, GPS and Sensor.
iOS Development
50 Learners
Let your employee learn the latest technologies in App development with our iOS development course. The course introduces them to xCode, iOS Simulator feature, Core Data and much more.
Big Data & Hadoop Development
17899 Learners
Let your employees be a master of Big Data and the real world Big Data problems. Our course in Big Data exposes the learners with Hadoop and MapReduce framework, HBase, Hive, Spark, Oozie, Scoop and much more.
Big Data administration and Hadoop
8989 Learners
Let your employees be a master of Big Data administration with our course. The course introduces to Big Data, Hadoop, Single Node Cluster, Hadoop 2 cluster and much more.
Apache Spark
1000 Learners
Your employees will be a master of Spark with our course in Apache Spark. The course introduces the learners to Big Data, RDD, Spark Shell and more.
239 Learners
Let your employees get high on MongoDB. Our MongoDB course introduces the learners to MongoDB operation, Data models, Indexing, securing MongoDB, Performance tuning and much more.
Cloud Computing
1500 Learners
Get your employees introduced to the interesting world of cloud computing. Our Cloud Computing courses introduces the learners to AWS, EC2, EBS, RDS, VPS and so much more.
Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Course
1200 Learners
Our certification course in Ethical Hacking will make your employees experts of cyber security. The course includes information security, system hacking, stenography, encryption, cryptography and more.
1500 Learners
Your employees will be certified Information Technology Infrastructure Library professionals, with certification directly from AXELOS.
1500 Learners
Your employees will be certified professionals in PRINCE 2 with our certification program accredited from AXELOS.
1500 Learners
Equip your employees with our DevOps certification course and introduce them to Software development lifecycle, DevOps tools, application architecture and much more.
Digital marketing
14004 Learners
Let your employees pick up smart marketing skills. Our digital marketing course includes SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Analytics, Content Marketing and so much more.
Machine Learning With R
2498 Learners
Mold your employees, explore the interesting world of machine learning with our course. The Machine learning course contains Naïve Bayes classification, Decision tree, Artificial neural network and more.
Business Analytics with R
4590 Learners
Groom your employees with our course in business analytics with R.Our course includes R Programming concepts, Random Variable and normal distribution, Linear Models, Correlations, regression and more.
Data Analysis with Tableau
25 Learners
Our Data analysis course using Tableau will let your employees be a master with the fundamental as well as advanced concepts. The course includes Excel Analytics, RDBMS, Tableau and more.

Service Tracks

Instructor-Led Training
No hassle of logistics and planning. Get your resources trained anywhere in the world for any tech skill for 1 to 1000 people in few clicks from the best of mentors.
Skill-Based Assessment
Be 200% sure about resources’ skills before deploying them in mission critical projects, identify clear gaps through case studies and thorough evaluation.
Recruiting Solutions
Hire already trained and vetted candidates at minimal cost or conduct mass hackathon to attract the best talent.
Bite-Sized Learning
Webinars on trendy tech topics to nurture the curiosity of resources and to find their interest areas.
Interactive E-learning
Convert boring PDF and PPTs into interactive e-learning content that can be consumed on any device and can be tracked on any LMS.

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