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Will AI Take Over UX Design Jobs?

 July 20  | 0 Comments

We are entering a new era of technology – age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is predicted that lot of current jobs will be killed and eaten up by AI and ML.  Will this be the case for UX designers also?  It will definitely change the way UX designers work today. It won’t take over the UX designer’s job – on the contrary it will make it more interesting.  AI will enable the UX designers who are able to learn the new technology to add much more value for the end users.

Core of UX

UX is all about providing informed choices to the users so that their overall experience is enhanced and they get maximum value out of using the platform/product.  Current process of creating an impactful UX involves creating user stories and personas, defining use cases, creating wireframes, user flow diagrams, A/B and usability testing.  The process of UX design differs from organisation to organisation, for the type of product and the user segment.  This is how the current UX design process is, but will it remain the same in foreseeable future?  Not so, because AI is going to change the process completely. With large amount of data that will be available with technology – user research, A/B and usability testing will then be taken care of by technology.

The new paradigm led by new technologies

World is changing with technology and so is the UX. Technology has led exciting changes in interfaces today. Augment reality, virtual reality, voice interfaces and conversational user interfaces experience are delivering the experience in a completely new way. This is the new realm will be the norm in coming times. This is an exciting shift in overall user experience and UX designers should be excited about it as well rather than fear the new technology. The another big shift in UX in the coming future is going to be of adaptive UX – UX which will personalise the interfaces according to individual needs and expectations.

Adaptive UX

Today technology understands the consumer better than humans do.  There is huge data available on individual users today which technology can utilise to give better informed choices to the end user as part of UX.  AI enabled technology will be constantly learning about the users as it is fed up with more and more user data – with that it will have the power to be able to come up with personalised interfaces on the fly.   One fascinating example of adaptive UX is Google now. Google now analyses the users past behaviour and the environment to deliver truly personalised user experience to its users.

Will AI be threatening for UX designers ?

With artificial intelligence UX will completely change in near future.   It is natural that the UX designers too are worried that artificial intelligence will take over their jobs.  In fact, UX designers should not be too worried about the new paradigm but should be excited about it.  There is also no doubt there will be lot of changes in the new job description of UX designers. For creating state of art adaptive UX, UX designers will need to adopt adaptive thinking mindset. For designers it will mean to design for the context of different situations first and then design the various functions that can be triggered in these situations.

Preparing for the future

UX designers of future will also be ML designers. UX designer will need to be well versed with the new technology paradigm, especially artificial intelligence. The UX designers will need to upgrade their skills set to be able to work with AI enabled systems. Those who won’t be able to meet this demand will find it hard to survive in future.  But good thing for the UX designers is that lot of mundane work will be taken over by AI – leaving more time for them to spend on creative work and on strategy for building adaptive interfaces.

This is going to be an exciting time for UX and UX designers. If at all, UX designers should be excited about this new realm rather than being fearful about it.