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Who Moved My Cheese? IBM Just Did!

 July 20  | 0 Comments

Have you been delaying that latest technology course you were thinking of doing? Delay no more! Software companies such as IBM are sending out the message rather sternly. It has deducted the salaries of US employees who have not kept pace with emerging technologies and changing client requirements. As of now Indian employees seems to be unaffected, but soon this will happen with Indian employees as well.

As technologies get outdated and new technologies emerge every new day, every organization is significantly focusing on employee re-skill. Since tech talent is the most important asset of any technology company, they cannot take skill set of their employees very lightly. In this age where technologies landscape can change in matter of months, if organizations do not get serious about their employees skills, they can go out of business very quickly.

To look at it positively, if you were looking for a push to learn that new technologies in online class, this is it. Applicants who have recently upgraded their skills receive much better response when they apply for new jobs. And not to forget, they also get better raise.