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Top 12 UX Questions Answered By Design Expert Shivakumar

 July 20  | 0 Comments

This blog is for anyone starting out on their UX journey. We put 12 UX questions that we receive most on social media – to our expert UX mentor Shiva, who is has been a designer for well over two decades and has been at the helm of top design firms like Ogilvy and Brand Union. Find out what he had to say about starting a career in UX, the skills and knowledge of tools required, the future of UX and other top UX questions in this interview.

Top 12 UX Questions

What is UX in simple terms?

A – We use technology to solve problems all the time. UX aims to design technology in ways that make it useful and usable. The focus is mostly on the user in this process. For instance, user experience designers concern themselves with problems like how a farmer does banking online. Or, how can technology help a child pick up a concept or learn something.

How are UX and (graphic) design related, if they are at all? What are the similarities and differences?

A – UX greatly relates to design. First and foremost, both UX and design focus a great deal on people. Secondly, neither design nor user experience takes place in a vacuum. Therefore, the context plays a significant role in both. If we go back to the example of the farmer taking up banking online, the digital literacy of the farmer would be something to consider both in design and how the user experience is served. Thirdly, design believes in the idea of the prototype – something that is very close to the final product, which you can touch or feel even though it may not work fully. The prototype is useful in getting feedback. And, user experience borrows this idea of the prototype from design. Lastly, both design and user experience are participatory activities involving collaboration with a variety of parties.