When designing a responsive, fluid and interactive website, several roles are to be fulfilled by different sets of people who take up different responsibilities. That is why there are different titles like UX designer, UX architect, UX analyst and UX developer in organizations. These titles cannot be used interchangeably, and here we are going to talk about how each of these terms differs from the others.

UX Designer

A UX designer is like a UX developer minus the coding skills. This person will solely be in charge of designing the website. He or she must follow all the UX design principles set by the client and come up with a visually appealing design that fulfils all of the client’s requirements.

A UX designer must ensure that the user experience of any website that he/she is building is excellent. This includes a variety of factors such as the flow of the website, its structure, where links are places, easy navigation for the user and the overall visual appeal of the website. In smaller companies, the UX designer has to take on the roles of a UX analyst or UX architect as well if the company doesn’t have enough of a budget to hire separate people to fill these roles.

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Basically, a UX designer is someone who understands the creative vision of the person who wants the website to be made and transforms that vision into reality. A UX designer must make sure that the end result is visually pleasing to the user. A UX designer must also ensure that the website is structured well and has a good flow to it so that the user finds navigating through the website a breeze.

UX Analyst

A UX analyst is someone who has to sit and analyse the requirements of the clients and study how users would react to them so that any changes can be made accordingly to the website interface. Thus the UX analyst has to bridge the gap between the vision of the client and the ease of use for the user.

A UX analyst is supposed to study how usable a particular website or mobile application is. The final UI is designed only once it meets all the requirements that a user might need. The UX analyst has to understand how each change affects the usability of the website for the user and make changes accordingly. Sometimes, in small organisations, a UX analyst may also have to take up the responsibility of designing the website as well.

UX Architect

The role of a UX architect is completely different from that of a designer or an analyst. He/she is responsible for making sure that all of the information on the website is presented in a well-structured and user-friendly way. Not only must the UX architect understand how the designing of the website takes place, but he/she also must also understand how the website has to be made usable for anyone trying to access it.

Often, whenever an end user finds themselves unable to complete a basic task on a website, then that is due to an error on the architect’s part. Thus the usability of a website is heavily reliant on whether the UX architect has done his or her job correctly and efficiently.

UX Developer 

The UX developer role is a discipline under the overall user experience umbrella. To become a UX developer you need to have at least a general understanding of the core UX principles, philosophies, and methodologies. This includes the how and why of user research, wireframing, and the use of personas

Defining what a UX developer is can be a bit fuzzy. They are part designer, part developer. If you find yourself in between design and technology and you enjoy merging the two together, then a UX developer role is for you!


As we have seen each of the job titles we have talked about fulfills different roles within the process of constructing a website. Unless an organisation has a large budget, two or three of these roles are often handled by the same person. The designing of a website is a long process, and all of these roles are important for the smooth functioning of this process.


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