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Unity: The Best Career Choice in Game Development

 July 20  | 0 Comments

Most of the kids these days are on their Xbox or Wii or PS3, busy battling it out with their peers. It just not the kids who are playing it anymore but also adults who are equally enjoying them. It’s time to take these videos games seriously and look at it as a viable option when it comes to choosing a career path.

Gaming is a part of the creative industry that provides immense opportunities to those who are passionate about coding and are downright innovative.

Before we address the crux of the topic, let’s take a brief look at what Game Development is in general and what Unity is.

What is Game Development?

Game development is the process of creating a video game, where the Game Developer undertakes the developmental tasks necessary for creating a game through a software development process. Games are one of the best form of creative outlet that allows developers to develops ideas from scratch and take it to fruition.

Introduction to Unity:

Unity is a cross-platform engine that is used for developing video games that works on PCs, gaming consoles, mobile devices and web browsers.

Developed by Unity Technologies, it was officially introduced in 2005 at the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Initially, it was meant only for OS X, but since then, it has been extended to be compatible with more than fifteen platforms.

Unity allows you to create highly optimized and beautiful 2D and 3D games. You can also use the services integrated with Unity to hasten the development process, optimize the game and make it popular. The following are the services provided by Unity:

  • Unity Analytics
  • Unity Ads
  • Unity Cloud Build
  • Unity Collaborate
  • Unity Performance Reporting
  • Unity Multiplayer
  • Unity Certification

If you are looking to being your career in the gaming industry, Unity is the best place to start.

2015 was a year that witnessed major shift in the market with new and innovative technologies leading to big momentum in the field of Game Development. It’s time to seriously think of Game Development as a lucrative career. We have gathered more information as to why you need to consider this career path, specifically, why you must learn Unity.

Booming Gaming Industry:

Gaming industry is no child’s play as it has raked in 23.5 billion USD in revenue, in 2015. This is 5% more than the previous year, according to the Entertainment Software Association. According to Joanne Hageman, president at the NPD Group, the gaming industry performed so well in 2015 that it has become a benchmark to measure the popularity of video games.

Here are more points from survey reports:


Image source:

  • The global games market is all set to grow more than 100 billion USD, according to a market research by Newzoo.
  • A majority of this growth will occur in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.
  • The global games market is expected to grow by 8.0% CAGR per year, from 2013 to 2017, reaching 102.9 billion USD in 2017.
  • The number of global gamers will cross 2.0 billion by 2016, rising from 1.6 billion users in 2013.
  • By 2017, the mobile game market share will increase to 35%, earning 35 billion USD in revenue.
  • According to Peter Warman from Newzoo, “It is to the markets outside of the US and Western Europe however, that the world will look to in the coming years for the largest indicators of growth and expansion….”

Unity is really the Best Choice for Game Development:

The below image shows a graphical comparison of various game engines. It is evident that other game engines don’t stand a chance against Unity, because of the popularity and awesome features. The below trends are from Indeed, a popular job portal. This image not only speaks about the acceptance and reputation of Unity but also the demand for the Unity skill.


The image from Google Trends also depicts the same and clearly shows you which game engine you need to concentrate on for a lustrous game development career.


Awesome features of Unity:

Now that we know, that Unity is one of the few top-ranking engines for Game Development, let’s look at the reasons behind its popularity and what makes it a go-to choice for game developers.

  • Most popular option among developers.
  • Unsurpassed licensing standings in the game industry.
  • Easy to use and compatible with every game platform.
  • Unrivaled community support.
  • Low learning curve.

When it comes to Jobs, Unity is Everywhere:

When you type “game programmer” or “game developer” in popular job portals, by default, most of the organizations are looking for professionals who are skilled in Unity. We checked this in Naukri, one of the popular job portal in India and found that it was pretty much what we had deduced earlier.


When checked in LinkedIn, we found that any job postings for the skill “game developer”, they had either specified Unity as one of the requisite or did not mention any gaming engine to begin with. This says a lot about how much Unity is preferred over other game engines.

Higher Salary with Unity:

It is obvious that there will be huge demand for skills/technologies that are successful. Following this line of thought, it is also obvious that the in-demand skills will receive higher remuneration.

According to salary trend from Indeed, the skill ‘Game Developer’ rakes in about 102,000 USD per annum. And, when searching for ‘Unity Developer’, the average salary is 97,000 USD per annum.


Indeed has also reported that the average salary for game developer is 77% higher than the average salary of other job postings.


According to Game Industry Career Guide, the salaries for an entry-level ‘Game Programmers’ begins from 40,000 USD per annum and for experienced game development professionals, it can exceed 120,000 USD per annum, depending on their expertise.

Here’s a salary comparison from them:



Industry Experts believe Unity is the Best:

Developers are putting their faith in Unity, as it is the best when it comes to game development. Don’t believe me? Here are some answers by industry experts and experienced professionals, on the topic of game development.

What is the best game engine for Indie game development?

Which game engine should I learn for Android Game Development?

Which game engine should I learn? Unity 5.0 or Unreal Engine 4

What is the beast game engine for a story-based game?

Which game engine is the best?

Now, what have these question got in common? When you closely look at the responses for these questions, you will find that a majority of the users believe that Unity is the best choice and are validating their response with proper explanation.

Industry Leading Multi-platform Support:

Unity is renowned as a multiplatform game engine throughout the gaming industry. This is with good reasons. In 2005, they were designed only for OS X, but now they have extended their services to a wide array of platforms, which are shown below.

Image Source:

Upbeat Prediction for 2016:

Now that you have gone through all the facts, number, and are confident about taking the next step toward game development, here’s more positive news to affirm your beliefs.

  • Virtual reality will be on the high.
  • VR and AR will be a major portion of new investments in gaming.
  • When it comes to consoles, Sony will be leading again.
  • Game companies will explore the possibilities of augmented reality.
  • The gap between social media and games will continue to shorten.
  • Dedicated gaming will spread its dominance over mobile devices.
  • The gaming market in India and Brazil will be game changing in the coming years.
  • The traditional gaming media will leave way to new and innovative ways of reaching users.


If you love coding, problem-solving and are passionate about developing games, then you are on the right track of selecting a career in Game Development. Besides being a highly creative job, there is always an assurance that this career will not go out of trend due to the huge and surging number of users/gamers. Keeping this in mind, Unity is the first and best step towards this career path.

Get the right Unity Training and become a successful Game Developer. Wishing you all the best for career and hope to see your game soon.

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