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Understanding the Need for Hypothesis Testing Statistics

 July 20  | 0 Comments

Digital transformation is in the air, and the fueling agent to it is data. While there is a vast number of data available today we need to know various tools for processing this data into meaningful information which will eventually lead to productive decisions. Statistical data can be efficiently used in making decisions by the organisations if they are processed using the right set of statistical tools. Especially for a data scientist briefing about various statistical tools becomes a mandate. One such tool that helps in achieving organisational goals is hypothesis testing. To know more about hypothesis testing and its needs continue reading.

Hypothesis Testing, an In-Depth Analysis

Hypothesis testing statistics is an important tool using which statistical decisions are made using experimental data. The concept of hypothesis testing is based on the assumption of a population parameter. We often might need to make statistical decisions based on a given hypothesis. These decisions include various scenarios like accepting or rejecting a null hypothesis. Each hypothesis testing test results in significant value for the particular test. If the significance value of a particular test is relatively higher than the predetermined significance level, then a null hypothesis is accepted in a hypothesis test. The null hypothesis is rejected if it is vice-versa. You should know how to calculate hypothesis testing statistics for being proficient in the field of data science and to master hypothesis testing.

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Terms in Hypothesis Testing

Different statistical terms like null hypothesis, type 1 error, level of significance, type 2 error, two-tailed test and one-tailed test are all examined and explained in hypothesis testing courses. Learning these terms will help you in eventually conducting a hypothesis test efficiently. Your statistics courses will help you ascertain the importance of these terms used in hypothesis testing.

Hypothesis Testing and Statistics

Hypothesis testing becomes a vital part of statistics to analyse two exclusive statements regarding a population and to determine which statement is closer to the sample data provided. In other words, hypothesis testing is about trying to find out how likely is the observation of a phenomenon to have occurred based on statistics. Confirmatory data analysis is the other term used to define statistical hypothesis testing activity. A hypothesis test may return a p-value which is used to quantify the result of the test performed.

Importance of Hypothesis Testing

It is vital for you to have the knowledge of hypothesis testing as it gives you an ascertainment of the idea that if a popular phenomenon has occurred or not. Simply to find out if your data has some statistical significance or not you need hypothesis testing. Various courses are available to make you more competent in statistics by throwing light on statistical inference hypothesis testing and testing of hypothesis in statistics with examples. An understanding of statistical hypothesis is necessary for quantifying your answers for all the questions on the sample data collected. You can begin to make claims regarding your assumptions only when you interpret the statistical hypothesis test results.


Only data may not be interesting what makes it interesting is the right interpretation of data using statistical tools. To arrive at a conclusion or decision about the likelihood of a chance of the collected statistical data an in-depth knowledge about hypothesis testing is essential. Though computer programming languages are essentially a vital part of technological developments knowledge about statistical tools like hypothesis testing will help in producing productive conclusions. Why wait for tomorrow, when you can join hypothesis testing in statistics courses at Acadgild right now.