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User Interface designing is a thought-provoking career. Ultimately, every aspect of design comes down to serve a single purpose, delivering pleasing customer experience. The design is about attaining the balance between user experience, simplicity, style, and sophistication. The rapid increase of incompatible devices and rise of the mobile market has left designers with no choice but to create multi-device compatible, impartial, top-notch designs every single time they start working, without hitting a creative roadblock.
Getting started with UX Design as a career and to stay updated in terms of knowledge and skills in the design sector could be a daunting job. However, there’s nothing be fear about.We are in an era where there’s a chance to learn whatever we want without even stepping out. This post is one such platform wherein I’ve put in details about trending resources for UX designers.

UX Magazine


Become A UX & Design Professional

Learn User Experience(UX) & Design - Directly From Experts

UX Magazine is a free public resource of valuable and insightful information, concerning UX topics. This platform aims to empower aspiring designers and educate them about user experience. They equip budding designers with original statistically supported content. The information is built in collaboration with industry thought leaders. This makes this magazine the ideal one-stop solution and a guide to comprehending all aspects of great User Experience. The site offers information about location-based listings for conferences, talks, workshops, informal meetups, and classes. Check for your location to hone your User Experience skills.

UX Booth


UX Booth is a digital portal by and for the user experience sector. Their site has a slogan that says, “anyone interested in making the web a better place to be is welcome”. This UX online portal mainly focuses on knowledge diffusion about usability to web professionals from a variety of backgrounds. It’s a great source of acquaintance for beginners-to-intermediate UX designers. The portal typically updates its users with informative blogs and other forms of content once a week. It is highly regarded in the designer community. The site offers content and practical tips on topics like research, information architecture, interaction design, visual design, universal design, and accessibility.


UX Design Collective seeks to deliver information that is curated by industry experts from the UX domain. They restructure the existing information about UX in a way that is sophisticated and digestible. is a Medium publication and an extremely beneficial online portal. It offers a vast collection of links, blogs, books, methods, events, and tools. The details about the above-mentioned sections help designers stay updated on trends in the User Experience Design community.

DesignModo UX


DesignModo is an extensive resource for information that caters to both designers and developers. It encompasses a variety of content for the respective communities. They have tutorials and giveaways accompanied with a great deal of inspirational content. DesignModo is the destination for anyone seeking articles on UX Design, responsive design, and app design. It is a comprehensive website highlighting both standard and ambiguous design topics, and additional topics related to development, WordPress, tips & tutorials, and others.

Usability Geek


Usability Geek was a creation by renowned UX Designer Justin Mifsud in 2011. The motto behind the creation of Usability Geek Blogs is to “bridge theory and academic research with practical and personal recommendations on how one can improve website usability.” This platform is ideal for seekers who need information about UX and web usability. Bearing in mind the origin of web usability, Usability Geek is a decent platform offering valuable and actionable ideas and information for improving the UX of your website. The site also speaks about an array of subjects ranging from UX and interfaces to conversion and optimization.

UX Matters


UX Matters in another prodigious publication providing insightful and motivating content by eminent professionals who are in the design field and pioneered the some of the niche skills. The portal has information for all groups of designers be it beginners, intermediaries or experienced professionals. Everyone who comes in search of information will get what they need. This blog focuses mainly on general user experience subjects; however, the quality of the information is not compromised. They are still a rich source of information about usability testing and designing user interfaces.

UX Archive


UX Archive sincerely aims to assist designers to create world-class user experiences. It is a platform where designers can explore and learn to create the best user experiences possible for their apps. The creative process of designing involves A/B testing with regards to design, patterns, and usability. UX Archive is the destination that will help you find answers to all your queries. The site delivers in-depth information about user flows, thus creating the occasion for designers to compare and connect with the user. UX Archive benefit designers visualize all the flows and processes side by side so that it is easily comparable.

Smashing Magazine’s UX Design Category


Smashing Magazine is among the top website design blogs available online. Some popular content categories on Smashing Magazine are as follows:

  • Coding
  • Design
  • Mobile
  • Graphics
  • UX Design
  • WordPress

The UX Design section of the magazine features popular articles about topics like usability, information architecture, interaction design, visual design and many more User Experience (UX) related topics. The site provides details about the platforms on which these designs are done like web, mobile, applications, software and physical products. The Magazine is a platform for experts and professionals to spread and share their valuable ideas, practical tips, useful guidelines, recommended best practices and great case studies.

Nielsen Norman Group


The Nielsen Norman Group is a UX consulting firm known for their investigations on and interpretations of user interfaces across various products. To name a few its software applications, websites, mobile devices and applications. Nilsen Norman Group is a veteran user experience firm who have gained expertise over years and they believe in sharing the rich information collection that they possess in the form of ‘evidence-based’ research, articles, and reports. Their blog has a wealth of practical knowledge, obtained from real-time executed researches, that analyze the way people interact with designs and products. Designers can find valuable ideas, practical tips for reading their Web Usability topics.

Why did we make this list?

To progress and excel in any field, be it UX design or any other discipline for that matter, one must be willing to constantly learn, test and update information about what is already known.  Hope these sources will help make an onset into UX design easier and enjoyable! If you know more about User Experience blogs or resources that I have missed, and if you think it deserves a mention, then do let me know by adding it in the comments section.

Pavithra Vasist

Pavithra Vasist is a Content Writer working with Aeon Learning Pvt Ltd. She was previously working with MetricFox, a marketing outsourcing firm as a Copy Writer. She holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Besides writing, she's fascinated with electronic gadgets and mostly spends her spare time drawing or traveling. She resides in Bangalore.

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