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Top 6 Jobs in 2017 to Look Out For

 July 20  | 0 Comments

2016 bids us a goodbye and in this year we have seen quite a diverse change in technology and the associated job landscape. Now comes the question – which are the jobs in 2017 that are most likely to become the big ones? Here is the answer with 6 most promising domains.

6 Most Promising Jobs in 2017

  1. Artificial Intelligence Experts

  2. Ever since the inception of artificial intelligence, it has exposed us to newer dimensions of personalization. Brands have only come up with the applying artificial intelligence and machine learning in its initial phases in form of personalized interaction, increased social presence and immediate answer to customer queries, all of which is more of a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the application of AI. From robots to Apple’s SIRI or self-driving cars, we have experienced a rapid progress of artificial intelligence in past few years. According to Forbes artificial intelligence is the ‘hottest trend’ of current times. As Stuart Frankel, CEO, Narrative Science puts it “The recent, combined efforts of a number of innovative tech giants point to a coming year when interacting with technology through conversation becomes the norm.” According to some experts, the most valuable use of AI comes from the fact, that AI can be used by marketers for one-to-one personalized interaction with the buyers. AI is expected to pave ways for the companies for increased interaction with customers to grow their business enormously. The Average salaries in the field range from $131,000 to $153,000 in the United States making it one of the highest paid job.
    1. Project Manager

    A niche skill finding application in a range of industries, project management is estimated to see a demand for more than 40 million professionals across the globe by 2020. The best thing about project management is that it has a multi-industry application and one who holds a certificate in project management can work in any industry. Industries with growing demand for project managers include energy, healthcare, construction and information technology and the salaries in the field ranges from $91k to $102k in the United States. With developing nations like China and India adopting to project management framework, the demand for trained professionals in the field has increased manifold. A major challenge for the organizations and recruiters is finding professionals trained in project management. The certifications under project management include PMP® Training , PRINCE2® Training , and ITIL® Foundation Training accredited by AXELOS and PMI.

    1. Cyber Security Expert

    2016 witnessed some of the greatest internet security breaches of all times with the security hack in Yahoo exposing 1 billion users’ account and breach of banking data in India exposing millions of customers to the vulnerability of security and data breach. This explains why cyber security professional looks to become one of the most sought after job in 2017. According to sources in the internet, cyber security is likely to account for the majority of technology hiring during 2017, with cyber talent being predicted as the top in-demand IT skill for 2017.  Ponemon Institute states that the average cost for cyber breach has reached as high as $ 3.8 million and a security breach affects all the stakeholders of the companies. With 1 million worldwide cyber security job openings occurring just this year, and with more vacancies set to become available in order to contend with cyber breaches throughout 2017, filling these mounting vacancies may prove to be a bit of a challenge. The average salaries in the field range from $71,000 to $109,000 making it quite an attractive option for the job seekers.

    1. Data Scientist

    Even after more than 5 years since Harvard business Review first showed the scarcity of data scientist and big data professionals, the gap between demand and supply in data science and big data remains substantial. This makes way for it to become one of the most sought after job even in 2017. In 2011 McKinsey had predicted that big data is the next frontier, competition, and productivity. In these six years since the report was published the big data has become an inevitable part of every enterprise, be it the startups or enterprises like Google and Facebook. This gives rise to a huge dearth of professionals in the field of big data even after years since the first prediction on demand for big data professionals. Companies like IBM has made a multibillion-dollar investment in big data analytics and salaries in the field continues to soar high with the average salaries ranging between $28k to $100k per annum. No doubt that it is one of the hottest jobs of our times.

    1. Digital Marketers

    What is considered as one of the greatest change of the decade is perhaps the emergence of the online marketplace. Marketing thus has seen a tremendous change as the commodities mostly sold through brick and mortars showrooms are now being sold through the online marketplace. The emergence of e-commerce companies like Amazon and Ebay has established that, business, big or small needs to have an online presence for their growth thus making digital marketing a game changer. Also, digital marketing is much more affordable than traditional marketing. All these makes it clear enough why a digital marketer is so much in demand and is expected to remain so. A whopping 150,000 digital marketing jobs are predicted by 2020. The skills required includes social media marketing, content marketing, e-mail marketing, AdWords, and SEO. The most valued skill according to Fractl and Moz’s research is, however, SEO. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Employment for marketers is predicted to rise 7% by 2024 and job security is strong as marketing is important to most companies’ revenue.

    1. User Interface Design

    With more and more companies entering the arena of internet and web, the demand for user interface designers has climbed a new high over the years. Over 150, 000 jobs are open in user interface design and the domain will see an increase in demand for jobs by 30% in coming years. Besides, the user interface being a major deciding factor for customer experience with the brands, it will always remain high in demand across organizations ensuring an increased job security.
    So all set to make a career in these domains. If yes, just go ahead and explore the world with some of the most valued skill of the time. For more such interesting articles, stay tuned to our blog.
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