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Top 10 Perks of e-Learning

 July 20  | 0 Comments

Now, let’s look at some of the reasons that is making e-learning a big hit and in what ways it proves to be just as effective as face-to-face learning:

#1. Learn as you go:

One of the major advantage of e-learning is that you can do it with your tablet, phones or a laptop. You can enjoy learning when you are travelling, be it bus, train or plane.

#2. Tailored Learning:

Unlike learning in traditional settings, e-learning provides you the option to select and learn the topics you want to focus on. If you think you are already well versed in any topics, you can skip them and continue to the ones you want to learn.

It gives you complete control over your rate of learning, allowing you to spend as much or as little time as you want on a particular topic. This way you can concentrate more on the topic you find to be tough.

#3. Flexible Learning:

Your class timing can be scheduled around your personal and professional work, making sure that you are not missing out on your class. Self-paced learning modules allow learners to work at their own pace.

#4. Perfect Environment for Introverts to Learn:

Often introverts feel pressured when learning and interacting in a live class. Experts believe that introverted learners can become more active in online classrooms as they have more time to answer a question and prepare well for it.

#5. Learning across Borders

The major advantage of e-learning is that you can learn from anywhere and anytime. It is one of the most convenient ways to learn online, that too in an interactive way. You can learn from experts living on the other side of the globe without any hassle. You can even learn in your PJ ☺ Jokes aside, you can learn from the comforts of your home. There are no restrictions that come with attending a physical class sessions.

#6. Easy Accessibility:

Learners can access their course-related information any time, as it is available online. All you need to do is login to access this information. This provides students and professionals opportunities to learn amidst their busy schedule.

#7. Capacity to Absorb More Information:

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Education, on an average, learners in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. The study also reported benefits in studies in which online learners spent more time on task than students in the face-to-face condition.

#8. Cost Effective:

Students may be able to save money by not having to physically attend classes. Online courses may help individuals cut down or eliminate costs of transportation, textbooks, and other expenses incurred by attending classes in a traditional setting.

#9. Effective Learning:

The assignments, quizzes, projects and practical sessions that accompanies the reading materials, provide a complete and effective way of learning. Some perceive the lack of face-to-face session as a disadvantage of online learning, but the 360-degree approach to learning clears all the doubts with its interactive and stimulating sessions.

e-learning being much more efficient and effective than the traditional physical classroom setting, prevents faster learners from becoming bored and losing interest, at the same time supports those who are learning at their own pace.

#10. Helps the Environment:

You heard us right! The lack of textbooks and quiz papers and physical assignments saves paper, and since this is online learning, there is no need to travel and no physical infrastructures and energy wastages associated with it are deemed unnecessary. All these features reduces our carbon footprints and thereby doing our bit to save this planet.


e-learning is here to stay as more and more learners are wooed by its excellent advantages. Though there are certain challenges like decrease in concentration due to lack of face-to-face sessions and need for computer and related hardware, these setbacks can be easily overcome as the advantage supersedes the disadvantages.

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