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Talk with Shraddha – AcadGild Alumni


Why did you decide to take Android Apps Development course?

I am an Electronics and Communications Engineering student. I have been interested in programming since my school days and wanted to keep pace with latest trends in technology. So when I decided to do a course and did some research, it did not take me long to figure out that Android is the skill which is in big demand right now. And since I already had some background in Java, it made my decision easier.

How was your experience taking this course online?

Terrific to say the least! To be honest, I was very skeptical before I started this course. But after I took free demo class offered by AcadGild, I was just wowed. I enrolled right after that online class. The whole experience was very interactive. No more just watching videos, or struggling to find answers. AcadGild mentors were always able to clear my doubts and keep me motivated.Android Programming

How long it’s been since you finished this course? What’s changed?

It’s been only a month since I finished this course. Biggest changes have been my financial independence. I am right now in my 2nd year and already earning from Android work given by AcadGild.

Any message to other students?

If you are looking to build some skills which can not only be useful during your campus placements but also earn you good money now, Android is a great option.

Android Programming

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  1. Hello shraddha
    I got a call from Acadgild, regarding the course i wanted to know more from the organization.
    since you had completed the course from the organization, you will be the best person to give me the feedback regarding i should join the course or not
    Thanks in advance

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