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Talk with Rajarshi – AcadGild Alumni

 July 20  | 0 Comments

What was your reason behind choosing Android course?

After I passed out of NIT Trichi, I wanted to do a quick course which can help me in getting job. I did not want to do generic courses like Java etc. Also, a quick scan of job portals convinced me that there is a huge demand for Android developers.

Cool, so did this course help you in achieving your objective of getting a job?

Oh yeah. Even though I was expecting interview calls after completing this course, I was really surprised by the sheer number of calls I got. I was quickly placed with

How was your overall experience taking this course?

It was really great learning from a live person rather than videos. Since course was online, I did not have to waste any time travelling and I spent my time building apps. And when I started working at AppTor, I quickly realized that I have already been equipped with the knowledge of all the tools and techniques required in actual work environment.

Any message to fellow job seekers?

Don’t wait till you are out of college to join a course like this. Learning from Acadgild and gaining knowledge from an industry expert and getting his mentorship can change your career!