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What is Tableau? The Benefits of Learning Tableau

 July 20  | 0 Comments

Tableau is one of the best tools available right now to visualize the available data, and it is easy to learn too. Some of the main benefits of learning Tableau are mentioned below.

What is the Role of Tableau in Data Visualization?

Interactive Plots

In the world of Big Data, speed is definitely a huge requirement. Volume, Variety and Velocity are the three Vs that govern the field, and these are also apt for the many projects that come the way of data scientists today. The focus of each project may be on one or more than one of the Vs, and it is important that the tool you use is flexible enough to handle all.

You can hope to have pre-built templates which suit your need, but those cannot always be relied upon – a complex project may throw all your calculations out of the window. There is no doubt that Tableau is the best option to help you out in this case. The drag-n-drop interface is easy to use, and you can create amazing visuals in no time – this can also handle any kind of variations, and help you to your end goal.

Interactive Dashboards

Interacting with the client has never been so easy or seamless! You can use Tableau to build a dashboard for your client, using the GUI interface – this means that you will not have clients always asking you to make adjustments to it since they can do it themselves. This can be used over the mobile and laptops, so it is extremely accessible too.


Using Tableau, you can also carry out some simple calculations and some statistical processes too. However, if you want some of the more heavy artillery to work with the data you have, you can simply use R to do them – Tableau can import models from R, and can visualise them with ease. Rserve is the built-in mechanism to use R with Tableau, and this can be a huge help to anyone.


The adoption rates of Tableau are increasing at quick speeds, and it is for sure that the software is set to stay for a long time. Tableau will turn out to be one of the best visualisation and analytics platform ever created if it is not already on the list. The growing community of Tableau users help each other out, so you will have plenty of support when you are learning about the tool too.

Learning Curve

Tableau is not only easy to use but also really easy to learn. It is extremely intuitive – it will hardly take a few days before you are confident enough to use it for data visualization. You will find that visualizing data using Tableau takes only a few hours, once you have understood the main techniques behind it.

If you find yourself interested in learning Tableau, check out the courses on it and other Big Data topics on Acadgild.