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5 Fun, Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Kids’ Summer Vacation Special

 July 19  | 0 Comments

When we say summer vacation, does your childhood memory bring a wide smile on your face? Listening to spooky stories from grandma, extended hours of cricket matches with buddies, fights over ice-creams, magic shows, family trips to mountain & the list goes on. It’s nostalgic indeed! Your child will grow up someday and would love to feel nostalgic too, recalling his childhood memories of summer holidays. Summer vacation memories are special to every child, as these fond memories remain etched in our memory forever. Summer vacation comes every year, but remains memorable only when a child enjoys every bit of it, sets his soul free, plunges into fun-filled activities and learns something new every day.

But time has changed. This 24X7 connected generation no longer gets excited over spooky stories, magic shows, house parties or movies. They seek constant interaction with technology, undisrupted connectivity. They are the gen of tabs & smart phones. How can parents keep this generation kids entertained, active for entire vacation? The trick is to plan thoughtfully, wisely and well in advance.

Get Skilled in Android Development

This gen kids are blessed with abundant energy, an inclination towards advanced technology and great power of imagination. We should always look forward to chisel their skills and empower them with futuristic skills which can lend wings to their imagination. Summer camps are the best ways to groom children.

Starting Young can Fetch Great Benefits to Your Child

Are you wondering if your kids are too young to get them started on technical stuff? Well, not really! This gen is naturally inclined towards technology. You may find even a one year old child swiping screen & watching videos on a tab. Could we ever think of doing that in our childhood. Time has changed indeed! This gen is naturally tech-savvy. So kids learning programming at an early stage is actually not a bad idea. Did you know?Teaching your child how to code when they are still young is important, because kids have an easier time learning skills than adults do – their minds are flexible and open far easier when you are young.

  • Kids also need to learn how to code because computers and connected devices are what will shape their world as they grow up, just as physics, Math, Chemistry and Biology shape our world today.
  • Programming builds their confidence and creativity, provides them tools to create a world of limitless possibilities, where they can build their own paths and solutions in their own way.
  • A chance to learn a variety of technical skills that will be handy next time when your computer crashes.
  • Develops passion for advanced technologies.

    Young Prodigies to Model After

    Who doesn’t know Mark Zuckerberg, right? His phenomenal success with Facebook has earned a well-deserved place in the History of digital media. But did you know that he started coding when he was just in 6th grade?


    Michael Sayman, aged just 13, developed an app that helped his family to pay off their family’s mortgage. Can you imagine a kid doing this?


    And, Thomas Saurez, when he was just in 6th grade, developed an iPhone app that was one of the top selling apps in the Apple store.


    And, this is what Drew Houston has to say about learning coding.


    Want your child to become a future tech entrepreneur? Get them started with technology summer camps.

    5 Fun Summer Camp Courses/Workshops

    1. Android Programming
    2. Robotics
    3. Python
    4. Arduino
    5. Raspberry Pi
    6. Unity 2D

    Android Programming:

    • Fundamentals of Java Programming
    • Android Application Overview
    • Build complete Android Application
    • Host Application on Play Store
    • Build complex Android apps
    • Integration with APIs, sensors, Google Maps, GPS and other third party APIs


    • Robotics from scratch
    • Basic electronics
    • Introduction to sensors and its uses
    • Interfacing sensors with robots
    • How to build application-oriented robots
    • Projects to implement what has been learnt.

    Read more to find out how your child can become a junior Robotics Engineer


    • Learn Basics of Python
    • Understand about Conditionals and Loops
    • Understand User Input
    • Learn about Classes and Objects
    • Learn how to use Graphics and Animation
    • Create fully functional Python programs


    • Understanding Arduino Program
    • Familiarization with the Arduino Board
    • Controlling Analog and Digital I/O
    • Communicating with your computer
    • Build teleporters

    Raspberry Pi:

    • Setup and operate Raspberry Pi
    • Understand the basics of Linux OS used on Pi
    • Program Pi to play audio
    • Program Pi to control LED lights
    • Program Pi for a simple GUI based games

    Unity 2D:

    • Basics of game design and development
    • Basics of audio and video special effects
    • Develop cross-platform mobile games

    This summer, plan a memorable summer vacation for your child. Gift your child a cutting-edge skill, making him future ready.
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