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Step-by-Step Approach To Get Your App Discovered

mobile-app-discoveryMaking an app popular has 2 ingredients – first 50% is making a superb app that has attributes of going viral, and the remaining 50% is ad discovery, marketing, and promotion. Assuming the first 50% is right, please find below a checklist for getting your app discovered.

Early Research / Early Market Sensors / Refine the feature list

  • Showcase your first cut app with small numbers of identified target audience (>100)
  • Create a list of blogger / review sites where you wish to showcase your app and get good review comments. For now, develop rapport with them – you will need to collaborate with them later
  • Start creating buzz on your Social Media regarding expected launch date, etc.Android Programming

Get external people to test, and get early adopters

  • Get target audience to test and give feedback on idea, feature-lists, navigability, app size, etc. ‘Wow factor’,
  • Evolve a cool name for the app and icon, and keep promotional material (creative screenshots, initial reviews, etc.) light and right
  • Get initial adopters from targeted communities
  • Increase buzz on SM – highlight new features, Get opinion leaders to influence, upload good screenshots of the app, create a video of the app and upload
  • Find the right AppStores and the right place within the stores to place your app

First Level Audience Engagement

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