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Career Prospects And Scope Of Data Science In India

 July 15  | 0 Comments

What is the Scope of Data Science in Future?

Are you still contemplating a career in Data Science? Do you still have doubts about the career prospects and data science scope in India?

If ‘Yes’ is your answer to both the questions, here is an insightful post to clear your doubts regarding the opportunities available for data scientists in India. Top tech giants and promising startups based in the Indian subcontinent are hiring well-trained data science experts. Data scientists are integral to making solution-driven decisions and framing business initiatives. This contributes to the steady growth of opportunities for data scientists in India and abroad.

According to a recent study, the demand for data scientists has increased by 417% over the past year. Despite the impressive demand, India’s talent pool of data scientists grew by a mere 19%!

Scope Of Data Science In India

Identifying opportunities, framing better business goals and making effective decisions are some of the best applications of data science. This is why professionals who can analyze and derive insights from data have become more important than ever today!

The scope of data science In India includes organizations in banking, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, e-commerce, energy, and the automotive industries.

From a global perspective, India is only second to the United States of America to recruit data science professionals. Among cities, Bengaluru accounts for the highest number of data science & analytics jobs, about 27% of the jobs. It was followed by Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

Payscale For Data Scientists In India

The median salary for a data scientist in India is Rs 617,096 per annum. However, the remuneration varies with the years of experience you have. Data scientists with more than 5 years of experience could earn up to 15lakhs per annum. Senior data science professionals with more than 10 years of experience often earn more than 20 lakhs per annum.

How Can You Make Use Of The Scope Of Data Science In India?

The Annual Survey On Data Science Recruitment In India 2018 conducted by Analytics India Mag made some eye-opening findings. Based on the results of the survey, here are some of the useful tips you can adopt if you want to propel your career in data science.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of internships: Doing internships in Data Science companies is a great way to gain more experience with real-time projects. Moreover, they serve as a platform for networking so that you find good mentors and job roles in the field.
  • Proficiency in at least one programming language is recommended: Being proficient in programming languages like Python and R can also give you an edge over other job applicants during the selection process. However, don’t be disappointed if you have a non-programmer background. Read this blog post to know how you can still transition to a technical field like data science from a non-technical background.
  • Upskilling courses are ideal for working professionals: The surge in the demand for data scientists has led to a simultaneous rise in the number of professionals and students opting for upskilling courses in data science. Academic sabbaticals have become a thing of the past. More than 50% of data science aspirants (students and professionals) in India prefer online learning courses to land a job in the field. Still not convinced? Check out this thought-provoking article on why you need to upskill especially if you are in the tech industry.

Acadgild offers two courses: Data Science Masters and Data Science Classroom Bootcamp certified by NIT-Kurukshetra. Alumni of these courses work with renowned MNCs like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Yahoo, Nielson, Amazon and IBM.

Now that you are aware of the scope of data science in India, enroll in the courses above and transform your dreams in data science into reality!