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Right course format for learning how to code.

 July 15  | 0 Comments

If you are looking to take up an on-line course on how to code, you have broadly two options. Let’s look at each of those options and see what option suits you best.

1. Video format – First of these options is courses which are primarily video based. These courses consist of video lectures on all the course topics and some coding exercises that the candidate can practice. A few also providing access to live mentors for a specific duration. The number of hours commitment from candidate ranges from 5 hours to 100 hours, and there are 2 pricing models – monthly subscription – ranging from $29 to $199, and course specific model – ranging from $ 99 to $250

2. Mentor based formats – Very hands-on coding format where the focus is for student to learn through actual coding right from the start of the course. The guiding principle for this type of courses is that the best way to learn swimming is by diving into water. These formats are driven by industry practitioners who teach you, guide you to code and clarify all your doubts during mentoring sessions. These programs are much more intensive – time commitment ranging from 200-500 hours(10-40 hours per week). Prices for Mentor based formats ranges from $ 500 to $ 5000.

Now let’s look at pros and cons of each of these formats:

The video format is quite relevant for folks who wish to get a high level view on the course, and then plan to possibly deep dive later into the specific course. Whereas, Mentor based academies are targeted towards folks who are really serious about online courses and want to get into freelancing / a job / or as an entrepreneur in that field.

Illustrative companies in the video based format are Coursera, Udemy, Plural-sight, Lynda etc. And those in the second category are Bloc, AcadGild – .

Whether to get a surface dip, or to deep-dive – you have a choice, based on your end objectives.