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7 Reasons To Choose Full Stack Web Development As A Career Option

 July 14  | 0 Comments

Developers come from various streams; to name a few, there is Frontend, Backend, Database, Mobile App and Testing. Earlier, developers would gain expertise in any of the above fields and pursue their career in that domain. However, the trends have changed now. The demand for seamless technology has mandated developers to work on both Frontend, Backend and many other inter-related fields.
Full Stack Developers are in the limelight because of the numerous benefits they deliver. They comprehend and solve glitches across several streams of web and app development.  Companies are now rigorously hiring Full Stack Developers, who can build the complete app from the scratch, without any discontinuation in the process.
Let’s look at some of the fascinating facts about the emerging field of Full Stack Development.

Huge Demand For Full Stack Developers

Tech businesses these days know the value of Full Stack Developers. They treat them as an invaluable asset for their business. Thus, Full Stack Development is swiftly gaining popularity as it’s becoming a much sought-after technical role for many organizations.
Full Stack Developers are in high demand owing to their diverse coding skills. Organizations prefer to invest in one Full Stack Developer, rather than hire two or three engineers to do the same job. For those who are looking for a competitive, as well as a lucrative job, Full Stack Development is a smart and ideal career choice. Here are a few facts that’d help, all those whose are passionate towards development to make the right career choice, in the vast ocean of development.

Lucrative Remuneration

The gross annual income for a Full Stack Developer is between $62.1K and $105K. This sums up to an average take-home pay of $76,063 per year. With right skills and appropriate encouragement, a proficient Full Stack Developer can command a market value as lofty as $121K a year.

Growth Prospects

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that jobs in Full Stack Development will rise from 135,000 to more than 853,000 by 2024. Further, to substantiate the argument, a recent report by Indeed,  quotes that job as a Full Stack Developer Ranks No. 2 as per their scores. A huge opportunity for the aspirants is the number of vacant jobs to be filled. It is forecasted that there are 1.4 million unfilled jobs for Full Stack developers in the USA.

Diversified Job Opportunities

Full Stack Developers work seamlessly across all layers of software. They are “broader picture” developers who are aware of the server side as well as the client side’s user experience. In fact, they are a balanced amalgamation of front-end and back-end skills.
Full Stack Developers handle everything from Frontend Development to Backend Development to Backend Server Management, as a part of their job role and responsibilities. Thus, organizations are employing full stack developers to grow and expand their digital assets.

Easy To Learn

There are renowned online platforms delivering world-class, market-relevant Full Stack Web Development courses. The accessibility to online resources is an added benefit to all those who seek to gain knowledge in this domain. Also, to earn a job one does not need a degree from a prestigious university, it’s the skills that will earn you a job.
With the right attitude and experience, you could be well on your way to becoming an adept Full Stack Web Developer. Aspirants with knowledge about HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB CouchDB, and others are in high demand.


A recent report about the  IT development community, says by 2030, most IT professionals will work from home with super-fast data connectivity. Employees will contribute by implementing a flexible work schedule with a high-trust management policy. The R&D department enjoys the benefit of workforce flexibility. This awards many benefits for both the employee and the organization.

Get Hired By Best Employers

Those who aspire to work for tech tycoons must spare a few minutes to look for companies that hire Full Stack Developers. Also, find out the remunerations they are proposed. Here are a few leading companies that employ Full Stack Developers: Apple ($193K), General Assembly ($128K), Coding Dojo ($87K), When I Work ($81K), among others.
Full Stack Development is undoubtedly a promising career option. The field has the potential for continued growth in the years to come. Full Stack Developer is just not an in-demand role across multiple organizations, it’s also a well-paid role. Understanding more technologies is certainly a sure-fire way to future-proof your career as the digital landscape evolve.