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How R is Used in Organizations

 July 14  | 0 Comments

The R programming language is considered an important tool for development in the field of Machine Learning. With the ever-growing popularity and necessity of Machine Learning, R has now become one of the vital skills for organizations and can only be expected to grow even further.

Notes Roger Peng, an R programming veteran, believes that R is the most popular language used in the field of statistics because it has a lot of in-built functionalities that’s built for statisticians. Also, R’s graphics and charting capabilities are unmatched.

R’s advantages includes its package ecosystem and is considered to be one of R’s strongest qualities. Due to this and other important features, R is on the rise as a business analytics tool.

Let’s go ahead and look at the some of the use cases of R, how and where it is used in organizations.

R Use Cases:

Facebook – Facebook uses R a lot. Facebook uses R for analyzing the Facebook status updates, its social network graph, and for predicting colleague interactions with R

Ford Motor Company – Ford relies on Hadoop and R for statistical analysis and data-driven decision support.

Google – Google uses R to calculate ROI on advertising campaigns, to predict economic activity, to analyze effectiveness of ads and to improve the efficiency of online advertising.

Foursquare – R is important part of the technology stack behind Foursquare’s famed recommendation engine.

John Deere – Statisticians at John Deere use R for time series modeling and geospatial analysis in a reliable and reproducible way. The results are then integrated with Excel and SAP.

Lloyd’s – Insurance giant Lloyd’s uses motion charts created with R to provide in depth analysis to investors.

Microsoft – Microsoft uses R for the Xbox matchmaking service, and as a statistical engine within the Azure ML framework.

Mozilla – Mozilla, the foundation behind the Firefox web browser, uses R to visualize Web activity.

New York Times – R is used in the news cycle at The New York Times to crunch data and prepare graphics before they go to print or online.

Thomas Cook – Thomas Cook uses R for Prediction and Fuzzy Logic to automate price settings of their last-minute offers.
 National Weather Service – The National Weather Service uses R at its River Forecast Centers to generate graphics for flood forecasting.

Twitter – R is part of Twitter’s Data Science toolbox for sophisticated statistical modeling, and is used to monitor the user experience on the site.

OK Cupid – OK Cupid, a free dating site which was recently acquired by, collects a lot of data from their 3 million + members. They have a wealth of information from which the trend of the user’s love lives can be identified.

Trulia – Trulia, the real-estate analysis website, uses R for predicting house prices and local crime rate.

Lloyd’s – The insurance giant Lloyd’s uses motion charts created with R to provide analysis to their investors.

ANZ Bank – ANZ, the fourth largest bank in Australia, use R for its credit risk analysis. Here, R is used to fit models for mortgage loss by coming up with a custom model to estimate probability of default for individual loans, with a heavy-tailed T distribution for volatility.

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