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Popular Announcements in Google I/O 2016

 July 14  | 0 Comments

The techies out there have been holding their breath eagerly waiting for the Google I/O 2016. It had been a two-day event and filled with interesting and innovative releases.

Here are the highlights of the Google I/O 2016 announcements ranging from the latest version of Android N to new features in Android TV, etc.

Google Assistant
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With the innovative Google Assistant, Google aims to have a two-way conversation between the user and Google that will help people get things done. Using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Voice Recognition and Translation, Google aims to take Google Assistant a lot further.

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Google Home is a voice-activated innovation that brings Google Assistant into homes. It allows users to enjoy entertainment, accomplish everyday tasks, and at the same time get answers from Google, using conversational language.


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Allo is a smart messaging app destined to make conversations a lot more easier, expressive and help users get things done. This is made possible through deeply integrated Machine learning along with Google Assistant.

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Duo is a companion app for one-to-one video calling that lets users to connect with anyone in their contacts. Duo includes a feature called ‘Knock Knock’, which shows a live video preview of the caller before they pick up the call. On answering, the app transitions into the call.

Android N

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Android N, Google’s next key smartphone software release is all set to be released later this year. This release will contain major performance and graphics improvements along with Vulcan, the software that powers these improvements on the graphics side. Android N also introduces file-based encryption instead of block-based encryption, in this release.

Google Daydream

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Virtual reality is a huge component of Android N, and the new VR platform is called Google Daydream. It is an optimized virtual reality platform, which aims to normalize the mobile-based VR experience. Google is making a model design for a VR headset and a controller, and will up for sale the late summer.

Android Wear 2.0

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Android Wear 2.0 is here and big news is that it can function independently from a smartphone. Meaning, the apps no longer need to be connected to a smartphone, for it to function.

These are just some of the popular announcements made during the Google I/O 2016. Here’s a quick breakdown on what happened on those two days.
Day 1
Google on Day 1 of I/O 2016 had several developers facing announcements like making Firebase free to use, and the Android Studio 2.2 Preview.
Day 2
On Day 2 of Google I/O 2016, even more developer facing announcements were made; from the Awareness API, to new APIs for Slides, Sheets, and Classroom.
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