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Meet Prushni Jani: From an Android Developer to an Android Entrepreneur

 July 14  | 0 Comments

Prushni Jani’s page reads, “I am an Android Developer and am actively involved in Social Activities. My interests range from travelling to reading. I am also interested in programming and technology.”
If you ask me, “interested” would be an understatement in this self-effacing description of herself on social media.
This Ahmedabad-based developer started out as a Junior Android Developer with Gusani Infotech after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2013, and believe me when I say this, Prushni has come a long way since then.


Since the day Prushni graduated out of college, she knew Android development was going to be her “thing,” she says: “I was aware that Android was growing at an immense speed around the time I graduated, which would be in 2012. I just knew I had to make a career in it.”
Her spunk and a mad desire to descend knee-deep into technology propelled her forth as a Senior Android Developer at Gusani Infotech within just three months of joining them, and not surprisingly enough, she even found herself handling the Android Development Department besides training her juniors on the side too! She was promoted to lead a team soon after.
How many of us can say that we led a team within a year of joining our first jobs? And how many of us can we say we founded a company within 3 years of graduating?
Today, Prushni is a co-founder at Connect2Android (that works in partnership with that provides a range of mobile application development services, but believe it or not, her curiosity levels in learning new technology stacks remain the same as ever! Prushni understands this well: in an age of lightning-fast changes in technology, one needs to stay ahead of the curve at all times.
Prushni signed up with our Android Development course at AcadGild, and we asked her a few questions about her journey and the AcadGild experience.

AcadGild (AG)
What was your drive behind taking up computer science as a choice of career?
Prushni Jani (PJ): I was crazy for computers and technologies, so I took computer engineering.

So, tell me what motivated you to do a course with AcadGild?
PJ: Your reputation for providing students with super-supportive mentors.

How was your learning experience with us?
PJ: I’d say it was a great experience. I got a chance to intricately learn a lot about the advanced programming techniques currently trending in the Android market. Our batch was counseled sincerely by our mentor and a state-of-the-art assistance was provided at each step by the in-house subject matter expert teams. The Android Development course that I enrolled for effectively guided, acquainted, and updated me well with the current scenario in the field, something I greatly needed in order to stay at the top of the game!

Tell us more about how the course in Android Development helped you in your career further, even though, as I can see, you were already a well-established professional in the field?
PJ: I could feel the change in my work with respect to programming and designing of applications. I am now able to provide effective guidance and assistance to my co-workers and clients in the projects that I take care of currently.
This course with AcadGild has given me a sense of confidence to act upon and accomplish the task at ease. Also, this course has further given me the ability to wriggle out hidden complex issues when developing apps. Furthermore, I am sure this course would certainly help me in strengthening my skills as a developer further, sharpen my approach toward the projects I undertake, and promote my experience professionally in the near future.
AcadGild students are currently working with many top companies in India and abroad, and like Prushni, some have got down to steering their own ships too!
Keep checking this space for more student spotlights, and keep visiting for more updates on the technologies and certification courses.