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Masters in Data Science: Why is Data Science Important?

 July 14  | 0 Comments

With our networked world producing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, a skill to manage these huge amounts of data to provide key business insights has become a requirement. The lack of skilled data scientists who can handle automated tools has resulted in high demand for such professionals. Masters in data science is a program intended to provide advanced knowledge and skills to the data scientists so the “Data tidal wave” coming can be managed. It discusses how to apply theories and techniques from various fields such as Information Science, Mathematics, statistics and Computer Science to handle data.

Why Do Masters in Data Science

Ever since Harvard Business Review called data scientists “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”, millions of aspirants are dreaming of a career in this field. A boot camp on data science may equip a person to work with the currently available tools. But when the changes take place, they will not understand how and why things are happening. When it comes to employability, the data science master’s program provides a competitive advantage to the certificate holder. The boot camp courses and YouTube videos can help a data scientist aspirant to understand the technical side. It would be enough to get a job since the demand for such professionals is very high. However, for a long-term career in data science, a more rigid foundation in data science is required. The best data science programs equip the participants with a solid theoretical and practical knowledge that will help them to adapt to the changing technologies.

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The Career Opportunities

Data scientist was listed as the “The Best Job in America” for two consecutive years since 2016 by the Glassdoor Website. The direct connection with data analysis and business intelligence offers great career opportunities for the data scientists. The careers associated with data science are generally categorized into five.

  1. Statisticians – Statisticians work typically for national governments, market research companies and research institutes. Extracting data from large databases through various statistical method is what they do.
  2. Data Analyst – Telecommunication companies, manufacturing companies, financial companies etc. hire data scientists to analyze their data. A data analysts keep track of various factors affecting company operation and create visual graphics.
  3. Big Data or Data Mining Engineer – Tech companies, retail companies and entertainment companies employ data scientists as data mining engineers. They need to collect and analyse huge amounts of data, often from unstructured information.
  4. Business Intelligence Reporting Professional – They work for tech companies, financial companies, and consulting companies etc. Market research is the primary objective of this job. They also generate various reports from the structured data to improve the business.
  5. Project Manager – They are required at all the companies. A project manager evaluates data and insights fetched from the operational departments and influences the business decisions. They have to plan the work and make sure everything go in accordance with the plan.

The American Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the growth of data scientist job will grow up to 11% by 2024. It suggests how promising this career choice is. The average salary for a data scientist in the USA is around 110,000 USD per year.


With a keen eye for puzzles and patterns, focus and dedication for an analyst, as well as programming skills, one can definitely opt for a data scientist career. Completing a Master’s program in data science not only adds credibility to the skills but also provides a powerful foundation that supports any progress in the current technology. With all the statistics showing healthy career opportunities for data scientists, a Master’s program in data science will definitely make it better.

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