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Best Machine Learning Language: Python vs R vs Others!

 July 14  | 0 Comments
This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Machine Learning Questions People Also Ask Google

Machine learning is one of the hottest skills in 2018 as we advance ever so quickly to the age of strong AI. 6 out of 10 developers are looking to acquire machine learning and deep learning skills. If you’re one of these people, then you’re most likely wondering which machine learning language to learn.

This article lists the top machine learning programming languages and reveals the best machine learning language you should know!

Python Machine Learning

Machine learning scientists prefer Python over other languages like Java as it is better suited for tasks like sentiment analysis and data mining. Python is hugely popular even among programmers – this is no secret.

It is arguably the best programming language at the moment. It’s not surprising then that even machine learning professionals like this language.

Python is extensive. And, it is easily adaptable to the tasks on hand as a general-purpose language. Hence, it is highly convenient. App developers prefer this language especially.

Developers of Instagram and Pinterest used Python to realize their vision. Python is accurate and precise. It is efficient and convenient. These reasons make Python a top machine learning language.

Machine learning with R

R is a graphic-based machine learning language for statistical computing. It is used in data science for modelling and uncovering hidden patterns in voluminous data. It is a functional programming language unlike Python which is object-oriented. Data scientists at Facebook, Google, etc., use R for a variety of purposes.

It is useful in exploring and understanding data. Moreover, it has several machine learning algorithms. R is better than Python at data analysis and statistical tasks as it was designed specifically for this purpose.

Java Machine Learning

Java is generally used with Big Data tools like MapR and Kafka and several data management programs. Although Python and R are more popular, Java is established and manages to stay relevant with updates.

The newest version – Java 11 – is out. It potentially has enough to offer aspiring machine learning experts for them to learn it.

MATLAB for Machine Learning

Despite being a propriety language, which requires you to purchase a license for use (Python and R are open-source and free), Matlab has over a million users.

It is a popular numerical computing language for professionals from engineering, economics and related backgrounds as it is rooted in mathematics. It also lays a solid foundation for you to learn Python as it is rooted in C, C++ and Java.

Scala for Machine Learning

Scala is increasingly used in data science. According to one survey, this machine learning language has seen an increase of 10% in usage every year.

This is hardly surprising as Scala is a general-purpose language, which supports functional and object-oriented programming. It is scalable.

It runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) but can compete with both Java and Python. Scala is useful in writing apps and compiling web scripts.


C is one of the oldest and popular languages. It is the “mother” of languages like C++, Java, Java Script, etc. C is great for building predictive models and is a machine learning language you should consider learning.


Lastly, we have SQL (short for Structured Query Language). It is popular among data analysts and data scientists because it can easily compute data from NOSQL and advanced databases.

SQL is a good resource to have for the ETL (extract, transform, load) process.

The Best Machine Learning Language

To sum up, Python is arguably the best programming language for machine learning, as it is a general-purpose language that is suited for a variety of machine learning tasks. R is better suited for data analysis and statistical tasks as it is specifically designed for statistical computing.

Java and C are popular, established machine learning programming languages that are always good to know. Matlab is great because it is rooted in mathematics. SQL is useful for querying large data sets.

And, Scala is another general-purpose machine learning language that potentially has a lot to offer for aspiring machine learning engineers or anyone taking a machine learning course.