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Learning Android Can Boost Your Salary by Upto 100%

 July 14  | 0 Comments

The mobile device market is rising at a rapid speed. This growth is nurturing the increased demand for mobile application developers, especially Android developers, creating a host of employment opportunities. This demand will only continue to rise with new and innovative mobile applications in Android. 2015 has been a game changing year for Android and is expected to do good in the coming years as well.

A lot of Android app developers have reported that on an average they make about 250 USD per hour. Also, according to IT recruiters, the demand for skilled and talented mobile application developers still far exceeds the supply. This is just the beginning of the benefits of a lucrative Android career.

Read on to find out the numerous advantages that make Android, a must-have and a piping hot skill to have right now. Whether you are fresher on the verge of starting your career or an experienced professional looking to switch career, Android is an excellent choice for both.

Highest Demand for Android Skills

IT professionals with mobile development skills are a hot commodity right now and the demand for Android developers is the hottest. Employers are hiring Android developers much faster and more in numbers than iOS or any other professionals in mobile technology. According to Matt Miller, CTO at CyberCoders, “For mobile programmers who specialize and are familiar with the Android operating system, there is no better time to improve your Android skills and look for a job.

The below job trends from Indeed confirms the hot and progressive demand for Android development skills. This is further verified by the fact that the number of Android related job has grown by 110% from 2012 to 2014. Similarly, job applications received for Android positions grew by an astounding 165%.

According to a GSMA report, the number of mobile users was predicted to cross 500-million mark by the end of 2015. Now that we have stepped foot in to 2016, this will be confirmed soon enough. And according to the same report, the demand for mobile product development engineers are expected to be in huge demand next year, as software products and apps are being developed.

Android Developers Make More Than iOS Developers

Organizations are ready to provide a huge pay package to skilled professionals. According to Indeed, the average salary for Android is 102,000 USD, which is 77% higher than the average salaries of other job postings. Furthermore, Android developers make more than iOS developers do. Here’s what Indeed has to say about the salary comparison:

According to Computer World, the salaries of Android developer range from $110,000 to $155,000 and that of iOS developers range from $105,000 to $155,000. The difference in salary might look small, but considering the number of job opening predicted for the near future and the increase in demand, this difference is expected to increase. Also, according to a survey, Android developers witnessed a 6% salary hike YOY, but iOS developers got only a 1% hike.

Source: Computer World

The salary trend for Android skills shows a steady and gradual increase over the years, meaning that the current salary trend is not a momentary spike.

Android developers no longer just come with the title ‘Android Developer’. Here’s the average salaries for various Android related job titles.

Progressive Growth for Android

The job market for mobile app developers is expected to grow up to 32% from 2010 through 2020. This will end up creating more than 300,000 new jobs. This will be the biggest increase ever witnessed for any job position, IT or otherwise. The bulk of these opportunities will be for Android and iOS app development, as these mobile moguls have control of about 90% of all smartphones.

The Q2 results of the Smartphone market shows that Android holds 82.8% of the total market share, dominating the smartphone market. We can expect similar results in the future as IDC predicts that Google’s Android will likely lead the market in the next five years as well, with the same percent of shipments.

The latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech shows Android continuing to grow in Europe’s big five markets (“EU5”), which includes Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.

Increased Usage:

The presence of smartphone is omnipresent by Android takes the lead by dominating this field. Android usage have increased by more than 400% in India and has created a ravenous market for the mobile industry. Considering the humongous population of India, the number of Android users has crossed over the 1 billion user threshold to 1.03 billion users, coming second after China.

Android remains in the lead for mobile OS popularity, with a 78% market share in Q4 2015. Here is the OS market share statistics for Q4 2015:

Opportunities to Earn Even More Through Android Apps:

In this day and age, apps are everywhere. There is an app for almost everything. This is because apps have made our lives a lot more convenient. According to 9Apps, a popular app hub, an Indian Android mobile user has about 32 mobile apps on an average.

It is crystal clear that Android apps are the bomb, but did you know that you can mint money off it?

With the right skills, you can build e-commerce apps, games and language-based apps. The rise of e-commerce and startups has led to huge opportunities for app developers where they can showcase their talents as well as make an earning out of it. Lots of developers out there are make a good living through app development. Some are even building thriving businesses on the app stores and few are even creating multi-billion dollar companies, letting you be your own boss.

The big question is how much you can make from building Android apps. This question has been answered quite clearly on Quora (hyperlink: Numerous individual have quoted various amounts, ranging from 45 USD to 300 USD per day. Yes, per day!

Their testimonials are proof of the potential behind Android app development. Here are some categories in which you can develop Android apps.

India is the fourth largest market for app downloads, meaning a lot of people are looking for apps. This leaves developers with lots of possibilities and opportunities their own app and make their mark in the Android world.

There is a strong competition between Google Play and the Apple App Store, but Google Play takes the lead in terms of the number of apps offered. As of May 2015, Google Play offers 1.5 million apps, and the Apple App store offers 1.4 million apps.

Be Your Own Boss, on Your Own Terms

There are literally gazillion places you can sell you Android apps; the top-most places would be Google Play Store and Amazon Play Store. Other places like Chupamobile, offers 70% of all the revenue from sales and the listing of your app is completely free of cost.

Here’s the list of some of the Android app stores where you can sell or upload your apps:

There are a number of places and numerous ways you can target your apps and select your revenue model to increase your chances of financial success through Android app development. All you need is passion and the right skills to achieve this.

Futuristic Android Technologies:  

From Froyo and Gingerbread to Jelly Bean and the latest Marshmallow, Google’s Android operating system is powering up an array of gadgets, making place for Android in all the futuristic and technological endeavors.

Here’s a list of some of the gadgets driven by Android:


Android Smartwatches

Wearable techs like smartwatches are predicted to take over from fitness gadgets. Android all poised to reign in this domain with the prototype, Si14 WearIT Sports Watch, which combines two genres within an Android 4.1 user interface. It is meant for athletes and can host regular smartphone/tablet apps. It also allows the wearer to update on Facebook and play music and video, along with lap timers and GPS mapping


Android Smartglass

Google’s Glass Explorer Edition, uses Bluetooth to link up to Android and iOS devices, and features a transparent screen hosting an Android OS to create an augmented reality. With HD camera, GPS and accelerometers, the device superimposes computer-generated images and information on a tiny screen held just above the left eye. It can also link to an Android smartphone and act as a hands-free kit, but can just as easily be used on its own.



Android Smartphones

An Android smartphone is a phone running on Google’s open-source Android OS. Many different manufacturers like Motorola, HTC, Samsung and Sony, Acer, Alcatel, Asus, Huawei, LG and ZTE have all made Android phones as well as tablets too. Although Google owns the OS (Android) they have not made any hardware on which it runs in-house. However, they have joined with various handset manufacturers over the years to make their own-brand smartphones under the ‘Nexus’ name.

Android Tablets

An Android tablet is a tablet-sized PC that runs on Google’s Android OS. Like Android phones, Android tablets come in all shapes and sizes. These can range from the 7-inch screen to far larger displays up to 10-inch display. Android tablets includes almost all the features found in a regular tablet PC, like office applications, games, browsers and many other programs.

Android Televisions

If your smartphone and tablet runs on Android, a TV on Android is not much of a stretch. Archos TV Connect is a clip-on device for a TV that pairs over Bluetooth with a joystick-style keyboard/gamepad. It is fully certified by Google and enables downloading of any Google Play app like any smartphone or tablet.

Android Auto

Android Auto is an app that integrates with your car to make it easier for you to use some of the main features of your Android phone while driving. It allows you to control elements like navigation, music, SMS, telephony, and web search and your phone’s dialer from your car’s digital display so you can stay focused on the road. The Android Auto allows both touchscreen and button-controlled head unit displays will be supported, although hands-free operation through voice commands is emphasized for safe driving.

Big Organizations are looking for you

Here’s a list of organizations that are looking for Android developers on Indeed, a job portal:


With the mobile technology changing constantly and the highly competitive nature of it,  an Android career provides you unique and exciting opportunities to create apps that makes use of your skills and dares you to do your best. You can come up with new and innovative apps in the shortest amount of time possible, making it a truly challenging field.

With the right Android training, you can be assured that you are on the right correct career path. An online course can help you kick-start your dream career as well provides you an assurance of good placement in well-recognized organizations.