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Learning Android – How it helped me implement my ideas – A journey of ACADGILD student

 July 14  | 0 Comments

Android apps, Truth Bot, Coder, Start The Work, Auto Shoot – these words will not make sense to you right now but you’ll see what they mean and how they relate by the end of this article.

I don’t see android app development as something which only “android geeks” have to learn. I see it as a tool which everyone can use. And yes, I am talking about a Lawyer, Doctor, (most certainly) an Engineer, Teacher, basically anyone out there. Now you might ask me why a Lawyer or a Doctor would want to learn to build an android app. Let me tell you – your mobile is basically a computing device. You don’t realize it but you have an amazing device in your pocket and Android helps you use it. Lawyers can build an app to keep track of their work, record notes, save the details of their clients, etc. Doctors too can make use of the similar features. Additionally, they can add features like shooting pictures of their patients and keeping them organized so that they can observe how the patient reacts to their treatment.

Get Skilled in Android Development

As I said, your mobile is basically a computing device. What you can do with it is only limited by your imagination (and computing power, yes, but that won’t be much of a problem with the technology that we have). Maybe someday we will build an app where doctors can use the button on the android device to perform surgery. That’s very much in the realm of possibilities. Android is for everyone. And even if you’re not totally into android app development, it will still help you. You’ll see how.

Learn to tap the power of your mobile device

I am not planning to make Android app development the main focus of my career. It’s a good field though, but it’s not my primary focus. In fact, I read somewhere that android app developers can earn around $88,000 and it’s predicted to rise in the coming years. I am interested in Astrophysics and solving engineering problems is my passion. Even then, android app development is a great skill to learn. As Aaron Swartz rightly said, “learning programming is gaining superpowers”. You can do stuff with programming that normal people can only dream of doing. Millions, if not billions of calculations and processes that would take years of solving, can be solved in few seconds.

Earlier, mobile devices were not even comparable to computers in terms of their processing power. These days we can easily find quad core processors with over 1 Ghz of speed. Go further, you’ll find octa-core processors with speeds rivaling those of computers (even faster than computers). It’s quite hard, in fact, to find a device which doesn’t have at least a dual core processor.

We have huge computing power in our hands now and it is the right time to learn how to use it. However you can’t use it the way you would use your computer. The operating system differs. You need to learn how to tap into the power of your mobile device and that’s exactly what this Android App Development Course at ACADGILD helps you

Truth Bot – my first android app


The biggest advantage of learning android app development for me is – you get to implement your ideas. How many times have you got some idea and just forgot it? You probably don’t remember because you forgot it! Android is going to help you reduce such situations.

I was sitting in a boring EC class daydreaming as I usually do, thinking whether I should miss the next class. I thought it would be nice if the decision could be made for me by something. Now, usually, I would’ve left it at that. But not this time! Since I knew android app development, I was like, “Hey, that can be done! Why not create an app that can take decisions for you!” I immediately told my friend who was sitting right next to me (who was also daydreaming) about this idea. Fast forward one week and there it was, my first app – Truth Bot. It asks you to answer a series of ‘yes/no’ question and gives you an answer (yes or a no). Bunking was much simpler from then on.

Start the work app – My second android app achievement

During my internals I had to manage a lot of things. It was a very tough job indeed. There were a lot of things to be done and I needed to maintain a strict schedule to execute them all. I tried working on notebook, apps which help you organize and so on. None of those really worked for me. There was always something missing. Some feature that I wanted which wasn’t available or wasn’t as I wanted it to be. I knew what I wanted, and thanks to the course, I knew how to implement what I wanted. Why not just implement it then? And that’s exactly what I did. I created my own app to help me manage things. I named it Start The Work. It helped me a lot with my schedule. Later I heard TED talk about doing new things for 30 days. I wanted to do that but through previous experience; I knew it was going to be a challenge. Again, android came to the rescue. I modified my Start The Work app a bit; made an app to help me with the 30 day challenge (except that I wanted to do a 90 day challenge, hard mode, yes)

Additionally, I added a reminder, which, obviously, helps me remember things. An app tailored to my requirements! Now, that is something I can’t get at the Play Store.

Start The Work app has over 7000 lines of code. Yes it is a simple app, but lot of CheckBox and a lot of logic to handle how they work. It was a monotonous work. Was! As I had such a boring work ahead of me, I decided to create Coder, a C++ code which takes input from “input.txt” file (placed in the same folder as the code), goes through it, finds digits in between “$$” marks, replaces it with the initial value which you have specified. Later, it copies the same code, and goes on incrementing the value which got replaced, each time concatenating that bit of code into the “output.txt” until it encounters the ending value, which, again, will be specified. Voila! I saved myself hours of monotonous work. You might or might not get what I explained here. But the point is this – android app development doesn’t just teach you android app development. It’s a journey and you learn a lot of things as you go on. You can end up creating a lot of other things en-route.

Success attracts success – An android app for teachers and students

Because I know android app development, I now have a project at college. I’ve been told to create an Android app to help teachers take the attendance as well as an app for students to check their attendance. It’s an ongoing project and I don’t know how lot of things work yet. But that’s how it usually is and that’s where ACADGILD mentors help. They will not only teach you as per the curriculum of the course but also the extra things that you might be curious about (regarding android app development). Just last Saturday, the number of projects increased to two. I was made the photographer at a college event. I had to stand up, click photos, move around, and repeat the process. So I thought of creating Auto Shoot app which could shoot photos as required. I can place several mobiles at suitable positions and have buttons for each of the device (on another app which I would have on a device with me) such that upon pressing the button, a picture is clicked from the corresponding camera.

I can go on about the ideas that I get for apps. But the point is this – android app development is for everyone. It’s just a tool to help you. It helps you tap the innovative part of your personality. As I said earlier, you let a lot of amazing ideas slip away because you don’t know how to implement. Well, you won’t have to let anything slip away anymore. This course gives you the tools through which you can implement a lot of your ideas.