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Want To Learn How To Integrate Python Applications With Apache Kafka?

 July 14  | 0 Comments

What is Kafka Python?

Kafka Python integration has advanced features provided by its library wherein you can use the process of assignment of partitions to do things in the pre-load state of joining the consumed messages and partition assigned. The Confluent Kafka Python platform is an open distribution of Kafka including a REST layer, a schema registry, connectors for various data systems, and an OSX installed through the tar archive.

What Is Kafka?

The Kafka platform for distributed streaming is useful where streams of data in Big Data are subscribed to and published. Kafka permits storage that is tolerant of faults and replicates data to multiple servers through the log partitions allowing applications to process records as and when they happen. By compressing and batching records and using IO diligently, Kafka is used for fast data stream decoupling where it finds applicability in streaming data into applications, data lakes, analytics involving systems with real-time streaming and such applications.

What is Kafka used for?

Kafka is used to collect Big Data, for real-time data streaming to multiple servers and perform analysis of real-time data. Among its popular uses are tracking website activity, processing data streams, collecting of key metrics, aggregation of logs, command-query-responsibility-segregation, CEP, ingesting data into Hadoop, Spark etc., real-time analytics, error recovery, message replays, and a whole range of micro-services like guaranteeing distributed-commit-logs of the data in-memory.

Kafka provides excellent features for distributed streaming of data and can be integrated with most third-party engines for streaming like the SPARK, APEX, APACHE, STORM, KINESIS etc.

What is Python?

Python is widely used for processing numbers, text, scientific data, and images. It is popular and used in applications for varied environments in web development. Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language. Its open source feature makes it distributed in binary form, and its data structures like dynamic typing and binding make it an ideal choice for scripting and application development.

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