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Kafka Certification

 July 14  | 0 Comments

Kafka is a stream processing open-source platform. It can be easily scaled and integrated with Hadoop, Spark, and Storm.

Why do a Kafka course?

  • In the Big Data field, Kafka is relied on to move and process data rapidly
  • Fortune 500 companies like LinkedIn, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, Netflix, Yahoo, Uber, Airbnb, PayPal and much more use Kafka for data analytics
  • According to Glassdoor the average earnings of an Apache Kafka professional in India starts at Rs 5.50 lakhs pa. Making Rs 17-20 lakhs per annum is possible with a little experience

Learning Apache Kafka– Course Contents

Starting from the fundamentals of Apache Kafka, you will explore the relationship of Kafka and its place in Big Data, study the Kafka Architecture, the Kafka Cluster, Kafka Components, and Cluster configuration. If you have no prior knowledge a boot camp for accelerated learning of the fundamentals will get you up to speed.

You will learn through practical and comprehensive industry relevant practice sessions to imbibe and retain the knowledge learned. The course can be done in the online mode at your pace and convenience.

The Kafka course ismade of separate modules which help you grasp one important concept or topic at a time, as you gradually build your knowledge base. The important topics covered in the Kafka traininare:

  • Introduction to Apache Kafka
  • Kafka Producers send records or messages to topics. You will explore the different Kafka Producer APIs here
  • Kafka Consumer definition, how to construct a Consumer, process messages with it, run it and subscribe to Topics will be learnt progressively
  • Kafka Internal functions, its administration, the Kafka Cluster architectures, tuning Kafka for higher performances are an integral part of this module
  • Kafka Cluster consists of multiple brokers. To maintain load balance ZooKeeper is used for coordinating and managing Kafka Brokers. Topic, Kafka Multi-Cluster Architectures, Partitions, Mirroring, Consumer Groups, and coordination of ZooKeeper will be explored in this module
  • Kafka Connect and Monitoring will teach you all about the scalable tools for data streaming
  • Kafka Stream Processing and building of micro-services, real-time applications, storing data in Kafka Clusters and Kafka Streams API will be covered here
  • Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Flume, Storm and Talend integration
  • Kafka Project Work on gathering multiple sources messages
  • Certification Project based on your learning and practical experience gained in the course

Prerequisites for learning Apache Kafka is basic knowledge of Linux and Java, or any other object-oriented programming language required to learn Hadoop and Spark.

Apache Kafka certification is awarded on successfully completing the project based on Twitter streaming and storing the count data into Cassandra and the usage of Hive, Impala and Pig, for scrutiny and processing of large datasets stored in the HDFS. Kafka certification in this competitive modern world is crucial to stay abreast and to update your skill sets to include futuristic technology and tools. Learn Kafka onlineour self-paced certification course and be your route to some lucrative career prospects since the supply of trained personnel never appears to catch up with the demand.