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Job Trends in Big Data

 July 14  | 0 Comments

Big Data has taken the IT world by storm. If you’re thinking about switching to Big Data domain or take the first step in your career with Big Data, then we believe that you have made the best decision in your career life. Here’s a guide to Big Data jobs, their prospects, salary compensations and other perks that come with it.

We take it that you are seriously considering a career in Big Data, so we have gathered mounds of information and insights into the current and future direction of Big Data.

After 2011, It industries headed towards Hadoop professionals and they started hiring to manage the Hadoop framework.


Companies that are hiring Hadoop professionals now and in the future are looking for various roles including:

  • Product managers,
  • Hadoop developers,
  • Database administrators,
  • Team leads,
  • Software testers,
  • Senior Hadoop developers,
  • Engineers and professionals with operating skills.


As Big Data gathers momentum, it is creating huge career opportunities for IT professionals with the right skill set, making this is an apt time to gather the necessary skills to land the job. So get the right training to gain proficiency in the essential concepts that will make you and expert in Big Data.

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