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Installing Mysql and Sqoop in Hadoop

 July 13  | 0 Comments

Hadoop environment has made our work simpler and we can now insert and work with data effortlessly and quickly.

How about inserting table in Hadoop which already exists in MySQL?

In this blog, we will discuss the following:

  • Installing MySQL
  • Creating a table and inserting values
  • Installing Sqoop
  • Fetching the table within MySQL using Sqoop


There’s only one prerequisite:

Running instance of Hadoop in any Linux OS.

Installing MySQL

Steps to install MySQL are as follows:

  1. Open terminal and follow the command below:Installing SqoopSteps to install Sqoop are as follows:
    1. Download Sqoop (1.99.6) from the link:

    1. Download the highlighted tar file. Extract it and place it in a secure location.

    Note: Location should not be altered.