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Installing Cloudera (CDH 5 ) on Centos Linux.

 July 13  | 0 Comments

In this article we will be discussing about Installing Cloudera (CDH 5 ) in Centos Linux.
Ways To Install CDH 5 :-
We can install CDH 5 in following ways:

  • Automated ways: Using Cloudera Manager, This is recommended method to install Cloudera.
  • Manual ways. Using Cloudera repository.

Here we are going to install CDH 5 using manual method ( using Cloudera repository).
Visit this link to download repository:
Download and install CDH 5 repository for your Centos System-Here I have downloaded it for centos 64 bit.
Move to Downloads folder, and move repository to home directory.

Return back to home directory and Install the repository for centos –

sudo yum --nogpgcheck localinstall cloudera-cdh-5-0.x86_64.rpm

Now Add a Repository Key which enables you to verify that you are downloading genuine packages. [ Optional ]

sudo rpm --import

Now Install CDH 5 with YARN:

Note: Before installing YARN daemons clean yum repository.

sudo yum clean all

Add below property into hdfs-site.xml :

vi /etc/hadoop/conf/core-site.xml


Make Namenode and Datanode directory and set permission to them –

Run following command one by one:-

  • sudo mkdir -p /data/1/dfs/nn /nfsmount/dfs/nn
  • sudo mkdir -p /data/1/dfs/dn /data/2/dfs/dn /data/3/dfs/dn /data/4/dfs/dn
  • sudo chown -R hdfs:hdfs /data/1/dfs/nn /nfsmount/dfs/nn /data/1/dfs/dn /data/2/dfs/dn /data/3/dfs/dn /data/4/dfs/dn
  • sudo chmod 700 /data/1/dfs/nn /nfsmount/dfs/nn
  • sudo chmod go-rx /data/1/dfs/nn /nfsmount/dfs/nn
  • Reboot

Now type jps to see All running daemons


All set, Now  Cloudera Cluster has been configured and will start Automatically after every reboot.
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