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Important Things You Should Know About UX Design

 July 13  | 0 Comments

Understanding UX Design

Tomer Sharon, Senior UX Researcher at Google aptly summed up the definition and function of User Experience by saying, “User Experience Design is the art of generating positive emotions through product interactions”.

Differences Between UX and UI Design

These two terms are often used interchangeably. UX Designers focus on creating human centered designs after careful analysis of users’ needs and research. A UX Designer often works on wireframes, prototypes and research.

UI Designers primarily focus on visual designs, based on understanding of clients’ requirements. They often work on mock ups, graphics and layouts.

The roles that a UI Designer fills are varied, ranging from Graphic Designer and Brand Designer to Web Designer and Frontend Developer.

Qualities Of Successful UX Designers

It is very important for UX Designers to understand their audience and the way they behave. To really succeed at building winning user experiences, UX Designers must strive to understand why people behave in certain ways. This empathetic approach to creating user experiences will help a UX Designer to design products that are appealing and engage their customers.

UX Designers must also be insatiably curious. They must question everything users of their products do. Why do they think in this way? Why do they behave like that? UX Designers must also always try to stay abreast of all the new advances in technology. They must stay informed about new features and tools in their field of work.

A successful UX Designer should be able to clearly express ideas and work processes to others. If UX Designers can explain their work and ideas to people, then their clients will better understand their thought processes. This will help clients gain clarity and know exactly what to expect in the completed project or product.

Tip: A good way to learn how to express yourself better is to blog about the new things that you learn.

Tools Required For UX Design

There are a plethora of tools and software available for UX Designers to work with to complete various tasks and projects such as prototyping, wireframing, user testing or analyzing website audiences and traffic.

  • Adobe Photoshop — This is a pixel-based program that was originally built for photo editing. Adobe Photoshop is a good choice for screen interface design.
  • Adobe Illustrator — A vector-based graphic program that has the advantage of infinite element resizing without loss of quality. Adobe Illustrator is ideal for creating logos and icons.
  • Adobe Sketch — Adobe Sketch, available only on Mac devices, is a powerful design tool similar to Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Sketch is more suited to UI/UX Design tasks.

Tools For Wireframing & Prototyping

  • UX Pin — UX Pin offers designers a wide range of functionalities and allows them to create responsive clickable prototypes on a browser.
  • cc — With designers can create wireframes quickly. focuses on speed over pixel perfection.
  • Invision — Invision allows you to upload JPG format files and create clickable mockups to get feedback from your team and users.
  • Axure — Axure is the most comprehensive wireframing and prototyping software available in the market.

Tools For User Research & User Testing

  • Lookback —This is a useful tool that allows you to record users. Lookback is simple to use and uploads all videos to the Cloud.
  • Typeform —Use Typeform to create and share simple, elegant, responsive and user-friendly forms.
  • Wufoo — Wufoo helps you create online surveys. This is a very comprehensive tool on which it is easy to analyze results.

Tools For Analytics & Metrics

  • Google Analytics — This is a free premium web analytics tool that tracks and reports website traffic.
  • Crazy Egg — This is one of the simplest and most affordable heatmap tools.
  • Good Data — A cloud-based business intelligence solution, Good Data provides useful reports that are created by combining multiple data sources.

So, this was your concise guide to a few important things you need to know about UX Design and UX Designers.