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  • IIM Calcutta in association with Acadgild, launches Program: Competing on Digital Mindsets to help “IT Professionals” , ‘Transform the Digital Transformer’

IIM Calcutta in association with Acadgild, launches Program: Competing on Digital Mindsets to help “IT Professionals” , ‘Transform the Digital Transformer’

 July 13  | 0 Comments

Targeting the thousands of experienced IT Services Professionals to transform and build the bridge between Technology and Digital Business solutions for their clients

Calcutta, February 25, 2019:
IIM Calcutta launches a unique never before program to help IT Professionals transform from
being a Techie to be part of this world of Digital Transformation by understanding how the
industry itself is shifting. The 11-month blended learning programme is targeted at IT
professionals. The programme is aptly titled “Competing on Digital Mindsets” reflecting the
broad objective of transforming the transformer. Professionals in the IT consulting and
services industry; and IT executives in client industries need to be equipped to handle digital
technologies and use their digital capabilities to transform user organizations. The programme
believes this demands a carefully cultivated digital mindset. The participant will interact
through 175 contact hours across four broad modules enabling them to sense, think, craft and
enact digital strategies. These will be conducted through courses that develop an understanding
of the digital shift, impart necessary cognitive skills and build action-oriented competencies
for becoming an effective digital transformer. Graduate working executives with industry
experience of 7 years and above are eligible for the programme. The first batch is expected to
start in June 2019. For more information please see
The program would be offered on a live synchronous learning model wherein students would
login from anywhere and faculty would be delivering online classes 3 hours every Saturday on
the Acadgild Technology Platform. This 11-month program will also include 3 campus visits.
IIM Calcutta has partnered with, a leading Education technology company to
offer this course.

This is the only program that is available today which targets professionals of the IT Services
industry and also the consuming industry. Almost all other programs available globally and in
India, target professionals aiming to transform their own organizations but not professionals
from the IT Industry

Said Karthik Kadampully, CEO of Acadgild “The last 2 years have witnessed the gradual
reduction in the labour arbitrage enjoyed by Indian IT companies since the early years. Many
Tier-1 and Tier – 2 IT services companies have started their shift towards new environments
following the demand for digital technologies – mobile, analytics, social and cloud from the
business clients. Indian IT companies which had dealt with a different set of clients suddenly
found a big gap in the way client relationship/consultants were representing the IT companies
and offering solutions to their clients. This program would help address the skills gap in IT
services companies for techie-turned-client facing relationship and business professionals.”

Prof. Priya Seetharaman, one of the programme directors said “Gone are the days when IT
professionals were only expected to hide behind computer screens to develop and implement
technology applications. As they go up in the organizational hierarchy, they also need to be

more aware of the business domains and be able to visualize and create new digital experiences
for their direct and in-direct customers. Through lectures, case discussions, experiential
learning and other pedagogical methods, the CDM program aims to provide participants with
the technical, business and soft skills to help achieve this.” Prof. Rahul Roy, programme
director added “The digital disruption brings forth lots of opportunities for the average IT
professional. At the same time, they need to unlearn and build new capabilities to see these
opportunities. This is where the CDM programme can make a difference to them.”

About IIM Calcutta

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) was established as the first national
institute for Post-Graduate studies and Research in Management by the Government of India
in November 1961 in collaboration with Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT), the
Government of West Bengal, The Ford Foundation and Indian industry.
IIM Calcutta’s Executive Education programmes have been designed to effectively spread
quality management education among practicing managers, who need to continuously hone
their skills and upgrade their business acumen, to stay abreast of industry trends and leverage
upon emerging opportunities. These programmes equip experienced professionals with
powerful knowledge, tools and resources to tackle the most complex business challenges of
today. In a pioneering move in the country, IIM Calcutta had introduced a novel method of
imparting quality education to working executives while ensuring the desired priorities of
quality of education and convenience of participants. The novel solution arose from a mixed
mode of synchronous classroom teaching making use of information and communication
technology with a balanced dose of face-to-face sessions with the professors at IIM Calcutta
campus. Such programmes have become widely known as Long Duration Programmes

About Acadgild
Acadgild, is the leading reskilling and higher education EdTech company in India helping the
remote Ambitious, Young, Hungry working professional learn remotely, who otherwise would
not have planned for continuing education. Premier Institutes like IIMs, IIITs & NITs have
been offering their online courses on the Acadgild Platform. This learning offers better than
classroom experience for students in live lectures with faculty, case study discussions, peer
learning and much more. Acadgild is the technology training division of
AEON learning Pvt Ltd