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How to Install BlueStacks in Windows?

This Blog aims at showing to its users through steps on how to install BlueStack. So before we go ahead with the steps lets first understand what BlueStacks stands for?

What is BlueStack?

BlueStacks is an application used mainly for desktops. BlueStack works for Android based applications on PC – Desktop. The applications which are on Play Store can be downloaded and installed to your system. All the applications and games can be run on BlueStacks.

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Installing BlueStack

For Installing BlueStacks easily on your PC, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1:

Download BlueStacks application to your PC by visiting site and click on the Download Button as shown below. The Download will start automatically.

Step 2:

After completion of the download, Run the Downloaded file.  It will extract your downloaded file as shown below: 

Step 3:

After Extraction is completed, you will get the below screen. Click on Next button.

Step 4:

Select the Location where you want to install BlueStacks and click on Next.

Step 5:

  1. Select the check boxes of App Store Access and Application Communications.
  2. Click on Install as shown below:

Step 6:

BlueStacks Installation process start automatically. It is divided into four steps. As shown below the installation process takes some time. figures,  it takes some time for installation :

Step 7:

In the Final screen, click on Finish Button. Once the user clicks on Finish button, installation process gets completed. You will get the final screen a shown below:

Finally, BlueStacks gets installed on your system.

If you are working in or with Android development, then you can use BlueStacks as an emulator for running your applications. Keep visiting our website Acadgild for more updates on Big Data and other technologies. Click here to learn Android App Development.

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