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How to Become Junior ROBOTICS ENGINEER?

Looking for new activities to inspire your child outside of school? Three words: Junior Robotics Engineer!

The line between playing and learning is steadily blurring. Robots are a great way to you’re your children excited about computers and it’s easy to get them interested in technology when it’s fun! Kids grasp concepts much quicker than adults, so it is best to get them started early on Robotics. Our course – Junior Robotics Engineer (hyperlink course page) is taught by experts, in an easy-to-understand and interesting way, so your child will pick up a new skill and have tons of fun while doing so.

Robotics for Kids uses fun, hands-on projects to get your child’s creative energy flowing. Your child will learn how to build robots and program them, all the while developing new skills and having a great time.

In our Robotics course, the kids start to understand how the machines work. In addition to this, experimenting with robotics and electronics helps kids develop problem-solving skills and creativity. And Kids who learn how to plan and build structures and projects when they’re young can continue to apply these concepts as they’re exposed to more complex ideas.

If your kids want to learn more about Robotics, try a course to rev up their interest.

Why should kids learn Robotics?

Robotics is the technology of the future. So, it would only make sense to prepare the younger generation to face this imminent future.

Here are some more practical reasons to get your kids interested in Robotics:

  • Robotics is a substantial and a concrete way to build and strengthen cognitive development in kids.
  • It also helps you ace in other academic areas such as mathematics and engineering.
  • It helps you develop communication skills, computations and strategic thinking and goal-oriented thinking, which is essential research-oriented Science and Engineering.
  • Develops your child’s innovative abilities.
  • Provides practical exposure to real-time physics and helps them apply it to everyday life.
  • Enhance your child’s knowledge on basic of Electronics.
  • Cultivates the passion to Succeed as it makes achieving goals as a habit.
  • Builds the ability to focus on logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking.
  • Prepares your child for the competitive workforce.
  • This is an effective way to introduce programming.

How to get started with Robotics?

Step 1: Get them interested

Spike up their interest by getting them build stuff using LEGOs and other building blocks. This forms the foundation. Teach them what Robotics is all about and, where and how they are being used.

Step 2: Help them learn the basics

Robotics requires knowledge in Programming, Electronics and model building. Understanding the concepts of programming is important for success in engineering and so is the application of software, the integration of logic and hardware is essential, so get them started on this.

Step 3: Enroll them for classes

Classes provide them a hands-on approach, making learning a fun and adventurous experience.

What will the kids learn at AcadGild?

  • Everything about Robotics, which includes the basics as well.
  • Basic concepts of Electronics
  • Introduction to sensors and its uses.
  • How to Interface sensors with robots
  • How to build application-oriented robots
  • Projects to implement what has been learnt.

Who will be mentoring the kids?

The mentors at Acadgild are experienced and qualified developers. We make sure that we hire experts with adequate experience, which is 2+ years of development experience. Our instructors are passionate about teaching and is only rivalled by their love for coding.

Prerequisites for Learning Robotics

Although some exposure to programming is great, our course is designed to allow even a complete beginner to learn and we customize our course content according to each student’s background. There is no minimum age to start learning, but we recommend this course for age group of 11 to 17 years. Besides this, all you require is a Windows laptop, an Internet connection with a minimum speed of 500 KBPS speed, and a love for coding.

To fully engage and challenge your aspiring engineer, computer programmer or scientist. Keep visiting our website Acadgild for more updates on Robotics and other technologies.


  1. Great and Informative post . As kids are always curious abut the new things and that too machines more so career as robotics engineer is great way to explore there skills in machines.Thanks for this good article.

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