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Take your Big Data expertise to the next level with AcadGild’s expertly designed course on how to build Hadoop solutions for the real-world Big Data problems faced in the Banking, eCommerce, and Entertainment sector!

This course will not only help you learn the nuances of all the major Big Data technologies within the Hadoop ecosystem, but will also help you dig deep into solving real-world problems faced by companies around the world.

This course gives you:

  • Source Code: Examine and implement real-world projects from the Banking, eCommerce, and Entertainment sector
  • Recorded Demo: Watch a video explaination on how to execute these projects
  • Complete Solution Kit: Get access to the solution design, documents, and supporting reference material
  • E-mail Support: Get your technical questions answered within 24 hours 
  • Hands-On Knowledge: Equip yourself with practical skills on the Hadoop ecosystem

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In This Course, You Will Discover:

3 Big Data Projects

  • Use various components of the Hadoop ecosystem like MapReduce, Pig, and Hive to arrive at solutions for real-world problems from the eCommerce, Banking, and Education industry

Step-By-Step Solutions to Big Data Projects

Users will get access to 3 recorded demo sessions for the project, a solution kit which will include solution designs to the problems examined, and reference documents

Exposure to Hadoop Components 

  • Get better with your hands-on skills in the Hadoop ecosystem by implementing real-world use cases using Hadoop components like, Pig, Hive, and MapReduce

    • .

Platform to Test Your Big Data Hadoop Skills

Enhance and test your practical skills on Big Data and Hadoop to significantly enhance your job readiness and get deployed in the Big Data industry, ASAP!

Project One: eCommerce Data Analysis

A leading e-commerce company, MyCart, is planning to analyze its existing products and customer behavior. It has been continuously receiving huge amounts of data about its different products, registered users and their behavior in terms of placing orders and subsequent actions performed on those orders. Different products belong to different categories and have a certain amount of discount and profit percentage associated with them. Users are spread across different locations, and depending on their behavior, MyCart wants to capture their purchasing patterns and detect possible fraudulent activities. It receives files on a daily basis and processes them using Big Data tools in order to:

  • Gain competitive benefit
  • Design a marketing campaign
  • Detect possible fraud

Implementation Details

Technical Details

First, data will be collected and stored in the HDFS. Next, for the process of Data Enrichment, we will load this data into a NoSQL database like, HBase. After enriching this data, we need to validate it, post which, you can use any of the Hadoop technologies like, MapReduce, Hive, or Pig for data analysis. Results will be finally exported to both, the RDBMS and NoSQL database. This job will be automated by using schedulers that will allow us to extract the outcomes on a daily basis.

Feasibility Study

This project is helpful in defining the purchasing patterns of people over the company's website. The project also helps in identifying fraud users and in finding out the net worth of the cancelled products across the city among other things. With the outcomes of this analysis, the company can derive solutions for improving their products in warehouses and how to eradicate frauds, and much more.

Infrastructure Required


The project work will be carried out in a virtual environment, wherein, the Hadoop cluster, HBase, and other required tools will be installed on a single machine using the Oracle virtual box/VMware

RAM: Min 4 GB

OS: Windows/Linux/Mac

Processor: Dual core processor or above

Software Required


Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Sqoop, MySQL.

All the above mentioned tools are open source and requires no prior permission to download and install.

Abhinav Sharma

This course has helped me bridge the gap between theory and practice. The hands-on exposure that I got during the program equipped me with the hard skills on how to seamlessly extract data. I also learnt a great deal about the latest industry trends, as to why a particular technique is used for a situation, the challenges faced, case studies, model development, validation, etc.

Prushni Jani

A great course for someone who is looking to learn by actually doing. This course provides the right level of expertise for those who are already beginners in the Hadoop technologies. The projects were very educative and the hands-on approach provided me with the appropriate skill set. The working code examples and videos for execution cleared all my doubts and gave me a great insight into the workings of Hadoop.

Project Two: Banking Data Analysis

The Banking Sector is one of the many areas that gets flooded with data every minute. A single bank usually has multiple branches with its multiple customer details. Details are important as they can help in making informed decisions. Many banks make use of the traditional RDBMS for data storage, but this traditional system is not able to handle the huge amount of data pouring in. Using Hadoop, we will be storing and analyzing banking data to come up with multiple insights.

Sakshi Bangar

The course has been superbly designed that gives just the right amount of information that you need to work for its projects. Though, you will need to know some basics of Hadoop and Shell Scripts in order to understand what is going on here. This course is an excellent way to learn and understand the industrial implementation of the projects that one gets exposed to over here.

Abhishek Anand

This course is friendly for both, the beginners and experienced programmers. All the project demo videos can be downloaded. The course content is deep and insightful, and at the same time, is not overly difficult to follow. This course covers all the essential Hadoop concepts. The explanation/scripts available inside the videos are just perfect and quite straightforward to understand. The practice assignments and the samples given are really helpful too.

Implementation Details


Data Ingestion: Process of bringing raw data into the Hadoop storage unit.

Data Encryption: Encryption of highly sensitive data. Data migration from RDBMS to Hadoop will also be password protected.

Feasibility Study


​As real banks do not share details of their customers, we have created a dummy data set that has proper columns and other essential details. This will provide us with a way to analyze banking data using Hadoop and come up with multiple insights.

Infrastructure Required

The project work will be completed in the virtual environment, wherein, the Hadoop cluster, HBase and, other required tools will be installed on a single machine using the Oracle Virtual Box/VMware.

RAM: Min 4 GB

OS: Windows/Linux/Mac

Processor: Dual core processor or above


Software Required

Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Sqoop, and MySQL

All the above mentioned tools are open source and require no prior permission to download and install them

Project Three: Music Data Analysis

A leading music-catering company, MyRadio, is planning to analyze large amounts of data that it receives from its mobile app and the website. MyRadio wants to track the behavior of its users, classify them, calculate the royalties associated with songs and make appropriate business strategies. As the data is very huge, we will be using an open-source framework of Apache Hadoop, a NoSQL database called Hbase, and a few other tools for analysis.

In order to achieve the objectives, we can sub-divide the projects into the following phases:

  • Data ingestion
  • Understanding the data
  • Data validation
  • Data enrichment
  • Post-data enrichment steps
  • Data analysis
  • Optimizations
  • Post analysis


    • A working knowledge of Hadoop is expected before starting this course
    • A basic programming knowledge of Java and Python will be helpful
Mahesh M

This is an amazing course for the Big Data aspirants. The explanations provided by the mentors is useful for building a project from scratch, and the solution documents are a big help too. This course is great for people who like to build stuff and not just complete the standard exercises. This course covers plenty of practical topics which students can then build upon. Thanks for this course, AcadGild!

Ravinder Rana

Very easy to understand and extremely comprehensive. Everything has been clearly explained and can be understood even by a beginner. A must do course for anyone who wants to land a gig in the Big Data industry!


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