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Aritificial Intelligence at Google

Applications of Machine Learning to Improve Information Access & Usability by Google

Google – the company you turn to when you need information – is one of the biggest developers of artificial intelligence. In fact, if you googled “google artificial intelligence” like I did, you would find several company pages that explain their mission and showcase their work. Google even lets you collaborate with them in their artificial intelligence experiments.

However, the experiments or projects on these pages are only the tip of the iceberg. Google clearly does not showcase all of their work or experiments in these pages, only a few. Here are some of the other uses that are missing in these pages but reported elsewhere:

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Word Associations

As a writer, this one is of special interest to me. I’m always curious what images or ideas my words draw up in the minds of readers. But I don’t know how to find this out. Maybe Google can help me with Semantris.

Arcade Mode

Block Mode

Block Mode


Semantris helps machines learn what associations a word draws up in the minds of its players. The game has two modes – arcade and block. In the arcade mode, you can simply type the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the highlighted word. In block mode, you can provide a lengthier description of one of the words you see in the blocks.

Talking Books

Well this one’s sort of a misnomer. Although the project is called Talk to Books , it really is typing to books. Nonetheless, it is still cool. You can now type and ask questions to books to find answers, instead of reading through them.

My Question
Top Answers

Augmented Reality Microscope

Now that I’m over my obsession with words and books as a writer, let me get down to the important uses of AI that Google is making.



If you’re thinking this is a microscope that lets you zoom into another reality, then you’re wrong. The augmented reality microscope or ARM has a far greater use. It can detect metastases in breast and prostrate cancer.

Fishing Activity Monitor

Google in collaboration with the NGOs Oceana and Sky Truth has developed the Global Fishing Watch – a real-time heat map that is useful in preventing illegal fishing across the globe.

Global Fishing Watch Heat Map

This automatic identification system detects any ship, which goes off-course in their journey to the destination that they have declared to flag suspicious activity. It is already reaping benefits and proving to be useful in putting an end to fishing in marine reserves and heritage marine sites.

Solar Power Calculators

Google launched Project Sunroof in 2015. The project uses satellite images and meteorological data to determine if a place (facility available only in the US for the time being) is suitable for the installation of solar panels.

Project Sunroof Insights

Not only that, the analysis also includes how much energy the panels will generate at what costs to provide anyone thinking of using solar energy with all the information they need before making the investment.

Google & Future of AI

Google has primarily two missions – to human access to information and make it more useful. For this, artificial intelligence seems beneficial. Google is now using or trying to use AI for several purposes. Some of these efforts are more known and more advanced than others. No matter what stage of development they are in, however, these technologies are shaping our future. They allow us to imagine a better tomorrow with greater artificial intelligence.

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  1. Great read! Yes, Tech giants are rapidly migrating to an AI-first world. Upgrading your expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is the best way to sustain your career growth and professional stability.

  2. is a division of Google dedicated solely to artificial intelligence. AI can meaningfully improve people’s lives and that the biggest impact will come when everyone can access it. Thanks for sharing.

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