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Golang vs Python

Golang or Python? One of the most asked questions by many developers while both languages are general-purpose programming languages and achieving prominence in various development areas. 

 Particularly , machine learning is a possibility for both languages, but Python is tough to defeat with its mature frameworks. Web development is an efficient benefit as well. While Golang web programming requires more lines of code than Python, it follows very simple syntax rules to build easy to write and read code. In addition Python is an interpreted language, while Golang is compiled. This aspect is one of the benchmarks for determining which language is rapidly faster.

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Furthermore, let us see in detail which language is better for you.

Golang : 

Golang is a Young programming language developed by Google in 2007 and it was popularized to the public in 2009. Golang syntax is based on the C language, which eliminates the unnecessary odds of languages like C++. It was a statically typed language with a Sophisticated and impressive library, and incomparable execution speed and performance. Therefore, Golang imparts a lot of features of other programing languages, like method and pointer arithmetic, operator overloading, and type inheritance.

Also, Golang is a compiled language that gives more features than C. Yet, it does not support inheritance to a simple programming interface. It is way faster than interpreted languages such as Python.

Golang for projects:

  • Golang works on multiple tasks at the same time because it supports concurrency. 
  • It is acknowledged in the cloud-computing & cluster computing field. Therefore, GOlang) is often used for web developments.
  • Golang has packages option for backend web development for constructing APIs and is easy to set up.


Python is a high-level most popular general-purpose programming language first released in 1991. It is an open-source platform. The python codes are easy to write, read, debug because of its code brevity. Python is an interpreted language. It is easy to give commands using the command line. Users can use command prompt to execute python scripts.  Python also supports data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples, gives very simple syntax, it is capable to adequate of various tasks:

Python for projects:

  • Python provides a more general approach to  Machine-learning and deep-learning projects. There are many libraries and frameworks that offer support to developers to create their projects.
  • Data scientists and Data analysts adopt Python language because there are a tremendous number of frameworks and libraries for research and data viz. adequately. 
  • Python is powerful in backend web development due to its matured frameworks like flask, Django etc.

Golang Vs. Python: Performance & Scalability

When it comes to performance:

  • Golang is fast, because the language is compiled, it can interpret it faster than python. While Python is an interpreted language and not as quick as Go.
  • There are no performance issues with Python. It is fast to develop software in the meantime. Performance issues will come after reaching a significant scale.
  • When dealing with concurrency, the approach may be a distance for both languages. For concurrency, Golang as it is resource-efficient, has built-in support. 
  • While, Python does not have an inbuilt support to pledge with concurrency. However,  it totally builds upon a concurrency library and so, it comes with a lower level of efficiency.

The scalability factor:

  • While developing Golang scalability factor has considered to assist developers working at Google to overcome issues at the scale of particular projects.
  • Go associates with many number of programmers who deal with large server software, generally hosted on many clusters. 
  • Python finds it painful to work with concurrency and it needs threads to implement parallelism. 
  • Parallelism shows that the task is divided into various smaller parts by an application. 

Doubtless, when  dealing with large and scalable projects, developers must use Go, because it comes with an inherent backing for concurrency.

Applications : Golang vs. Python: 

Each programming language comes with a definite purpose. For Example, Python is used for machine learning, deep-learning, web development and data analytics having many libraries that make it accessible to do tasks.

Most of the The developers generally use Golang for systems programming. Because of its concurrency. Golang can also be used for cloud computing and cluster computing. Golang achieved a lot of appreciation in web development, because of easy to use libraries and it is a powerful language. This grants the developers to set up the web servers and web developments in little time.


It is difficult to draw closure in Golang vs. Python analysis because measuring a sophisticated language with a relatively new one does not seem good. Python is the general purpose leading language not only in Data science, data analytics, but also in web development and automation as well. Golang has only been in this area for a decade only, and it has not built a stable ecosystem.

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