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Top 7 Interview Questions Asked In Full Stack Developer Jobs

Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

Change is the only constant entity in the tech industry. Over the past decade, the responsibilities of a web developer have undergone a major transformation. Back in the day, when backend and front-end developers were distinct in their roles, today full stack developers have blurred all lines of separation between them. Being skill-intensive jobs, across the world, the need for tech professionals with the right set of skill set has left the gap between supply and demand wide. This article will take you through the top 7 full stack developer interview questions.

Top 7 Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

Most hiring managers use interview questions as a medium to analyze how deep the understanding level of the candidate is. Below are the top 7 full stack developer interview questions you can expect:

1. Tell Us Something About Your Favorite Language And Why?

In addition to being an ice-breaker, this is a good question to know how well the candidate enjoys coding and working with programming languages. An ideal candidate for the full stack developer job should have multiple favorite languages rather than just a single one. Your answer should definitely include HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python or Ruby On Rails etc.

2. Cite Some Examples Of Web Application That You’ve Built And How Did You Do It?

Through this question, the interviewer will get an idea of how you think and work with tools.  The answer should be specific and clearly state why you developed it either on front-end or back-end.

3. What Are The Latest Trends In Full Stack Web Development?

According to industry experts, a candidate who is passionate about full stack development should be aware of the following trends:

  • The rise of Vue JS Functional, real-time web apps, progressive apps and mobile web development.
  • Programming benefits from JavaScript improvements
  • The emergence of more compatible extensions.

This question will help filter those candidates who are not keen on upskilling in technology. If you read blogs or books on web development or attend seminars/webinars on the same topics, don’t forget to mention it.

Displaying how up-to-date you are in the field will give the interviewer enough confidence to hire you.

4. How Familiar Are You With Design Patterns?

This question will reveal your understanding of maintenance and code reuse, especially clean and readable code. Any aspiring full stack developer should know the principle and skill of basic prototype design, UI design, and UX design to manage different scenarios at work.

5. Have You Ever Struggled To Implement Or Debug Something In The Past While Working On Web Development?

This could be easily one among the trickiest questions in an average job interview. Any experienced full stack developer would have struggled at some point to implement or debug something. As a candidate, you should explain in a crisp manner why you faced the issue. Don’t forget to end the answer with how you overcame the roadblock and what you learned from the experience at the level of an individual or team player.

6. What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Role?

Answer it as honestly as possible. If you are keen on moving on to a managerial role, let your potential employer know that. If you want to stay in the technical field itself, make that clear too.

7. Have You Tried Implementing Your Knowledge In Full Stack For Pet Projects?

Working at your job will not always boost your learning curve. Any aspiring developer should try and implement codes on their personal projects that include website development. Remember, a self-motivated coder might have several projects to experiment and learn. Hiring managers are constantly looking for candidates who enjoy the whole process of web development.

Therefore, before you step out for the next full stack developer interview take a quick look at all the above questions. You can even check out the popular Full Stack Developer Course from Acadgild.



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