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Difference between Front-End Web Development and Full Stack Web Development

It is an awesome feeling to see a clean, neat and a beautifully designed website. The web developers are the people responsible creating all the appealing websites out there. Websites are now a critical component for any business and there is a huge demand for skilled web developers.

Saying this, do you know exactly what kind of web development work to seek out and train for? Or do you know what is used where? Read on to find out.

In this post, we have differentiated what front-end and full stack web development is, so that you can know which one you are more inclined to.

Front-End Web Development:

The Front-end web development typically refers to the appearance of the website or a page in the browser. This includes how the content is presented, like the user interface elements such as menus and dropdowns and transitions and modals.

A front-end web developer is mainly in charge of the user interface aspect of the website. Some of the commonly used languages by front-end Web developer are HTML, CSS3, as well as JavaScript. These three languages are important to any aspiring front-end web developer and are very important in designing the website.

Full Stack Web Development:

The Full Stack web development deals with the front-end as well as the back-end aspects of the website. Meaning, a full stack developer can comfortably speak both database and browser, and can build a web application from scratch and take it to completion. The full stack web development professionals are capable of developing each and every layer of a website.

A full stack developer needs to proficient on databases as well as browsers. Their core skills includes the server, client and hosting, a form of data structuring or modeling, user interface, and experience, and excellent understanding of the needs of the business.

Comparing Front-End and Full Stack Web Development:

A comparison does not necessarily mean that we are determining which is good, but just that certain technologies are better when used under certain condition. Here’s a comparison of front-end and full stack web development, which comprises of the focus areas, technologies used and key responsibilities of the respective professionals.


A front-end developer works primarily with smaller portion of the web stack, and the full stack developers has the required expertise to work on all the layers. But becoming a competent full stack developer take much more time and expertise. Don’t worry, with the required training and expertise, one can pursue a career as front-end web developer and can gradually work towards becoming a full stack developer in the future.

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