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Develop Your First Google Glass App

 July 13  | 0 Comments

Google Glass is a wearable and voice controlled device that uses a pair of eyeglasses and displays information to the user’s vision. Its operating system is based on a version of Android and it can run an app called Glassware. This type of applications is free and built by third party developers. Glass also uses many existing Google applications like Google Now, Google Maps, Google+, etc.

Google Glass device has been designed for sharing and uploading images, video and audio online. Many developers and companies have built applications for Glass, including news apps like Facial Recognition, Photo Manipulation, Translation and Sharing Social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Google Glass Image

1.How it Works

Google Glass Hardware

2. Features

  1. Record Videos
  2. Take Pictures
  3. Show Notification and Messages
  4. Search Information
  5. Show maps
  6. Live Video Sharing
  7. Integrate and Translate Google Now.

3. Advantages of Google Glass

  1. Easy to wear and use.

  2. Sensitive and responsive to the presence of people.

  3. Fast access of maps, documents, videos, chats and much more.

  4. A new trend for fashion lovers together being an innovative technology.

  5. A spectacle based computer to reside directly on your eyes rather than in your pouch or pocket.

  6. A useful technology for all kinds of handicapped/disabled people

4. Disadvantages of Google Glass

  1. Can be easily broken or damaged. Users will have a tough time taking care of it.

  2. It may lead to accidents while driving.

  3. Privacy of people may breach with new glasses

5. Develop your first app using Google Glass

Google Glass Hardware

Google Glass Development is different than Mobile App Development. Google glass is free to your hands. Voice input is the main source of interaction with Google Glass applications.

Let us now go through the steps involved I developing your App using Google Glass.

Step 1. Start Android Studio and Create a New App

Android Studio

Step 2: Enter your application name & click on next button.

New Project in Android Studio

Step 3: Select The Glass Option.

Target Android Device

Step 3.1: If you can’t Select this Option, it means that you have not Installed SDK for Google Glass. Start SDK Manager in Android Studio to install it.

Open SDK

Step 3.2: Install Glass Development Kit Preview for Android 4.4.2 (API 19).

Select Glass Development Preview

Step 4: Add an Activity to Glass and Select Immersion Activity. Click to Next.

add activity to glass


Step 5: Enter the Activity Name and click on ‘Finish’.

customize the activity

Step 6: Your project will get configured in some time.

gradle running

Step 7: Go to Check the code which is shown below:


Step 8: Open AndroidMainfest.xml and check below Code.

Step 9: Click on app option as below:

android glass demo

Step 10: Click on Edit Configuration as shown below:

Edit Configuration

Step 11: In the Edit Configuration screen make the following changes:

Module: app

Package: Deploy default APK

Activity: Launch default Activity

Target Device: USB Drive

edit Configuration

Step 12: Click on Run Button. If Pop-up informs, Select Continue Anyway.

Change Configuration Settings

Step 13. Run your application successfully.

Your output will be as shown like below:

Output of the Program

Note: Google Glass can be tested only on real devices. There is no virtual emulator to test it.