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Google Launches Search Engine to Help You Find Datasets

Ever had trouble finding interesting datasets? Google has launched a handy tool called Dataset Search to help you with this problem.

Dataset Search

Dataset Search lets you access the millions of datasets that are scattered across the internet. It works like Google Scholar that researchers from various disciplines are already used to.

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Access Data from Variety of Repositories

You can find datasets wherever they are hosted – be it a digital library or a researcher’s personal page. The tool includes most of the datasets in the environmental and social sciences. It includes government data from sources like NASA, data from news organizations like ProPublica and other repositories like Harvard’s Dataverse.

If You Want to Contribute a Dataset

Google follows an open standard for dataset descriptions so that dataset providers know what information to share regarding their content. This will also help users of Dataset Search to access accurate information. If you want to contribute a dataset to this initiative, here are the guidelines that will help Google and other search engines better understand the contents of the dataset.

What to Expect

The tool works in multiple languages. If you don’t find a language of your choice, Google has promised to add more languages soon.

Making It Easy to Find Data

The launch is one of many initiatives by Google to feature datasets in their products. They recently made it easy to access tabular data in Search and are also trying to help build the future of journalism.

While the news initiative is specifically for data journalists and news organizations, Dataset Search is for a wider audience. If you’re looking for data, whether for work or a story or for the sake of finding something out, give Google’s Dataset Search a try!


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